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@onan: Thank you! Your response was definitely one of the most well thought out ones.

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@StingingVelvet said:

If game is good, me want more game. Pretty simple caveman logic there.

As for good and bad, regrets and such... anything small is typically not worth the trouble, like all those Oblivion houses and Mass Effect guns. It's the bigger stuff I like, the Fallout expansions and Mass Effect 2 missions.

My one big annoyance with it is that this content is time-limited by its very nature, once the servers go down and you change hardware that stuff is gone. That's a bummer, and I always try to remember that what is on the disc is the true game that will last forever.

Oh? Is that true for all games? I thought if you downloaded it it was yours? I wasn't aware that was time restriction?

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

I tend to not purchase DLC, unless it's a game I like, or I'm peer pressured into buying map packs for whatever game all my friends are playing.

Why specifically EA?

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@gakon: I could kiss you. Thank you, you've inspired me!

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@VinceNotVance: an add on, have you purchased DLC and then regretted it? If so, why?

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@VinceNotVance: It's that simple? I was sort of hoping there was more of a reason I guess...I figure, "I just spent $60 on this game, what could they possibly be providing me for additional cash that is going to make this a better game?"

I'm not cheap, but for some reason thinking of purchasing downloadable content doesn't appeal to me...I guess yours is as good as a reason as any.

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I didn't find any discussion revolving around this, so for my own curiosity, I'm asking: "Why do you purchase DLC?"

What is it about DLC that has people buying it to a game they've already spent money on? I'm not judging if you do purchase DLC, I'm more curious because I don't purchase it and am wondering what is the appeal? On top of that, if you do buy DLC, have you ever regretted and why?

Thanks in advance for satiating my curiosity!

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@Catolf:   :-/  Yeah, he is very have to do everything just right through the whole time before Bitter Pill...I only flirted when he wasn't around...I never slept with anyone...and as for the elf I met in Bitter Pill I had her go to my place to be my maid (paid of course).  ahh well...give it another go if you aren't adverse to playing again.  He was definitely my favorite, compared to Anders.
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@Catolf:   If everything has been done right, after Bitter Pill and he's at your house, you say the "appropriate" things and he sleeps with you.  :-)