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I like it O_o

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@isnipeyoudie: What? I've subscribed long ago, do you know what else to do to get the skin? (gee, i bought Ali already!)

Edit: Nevermind, I got it! :)

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@Questionable: Actually, the ban pool counts the avaliable characters of every single player on the match.. I don't think you need to buy more characters to play Draft.

But it would be interesting to buy new chars and try them out

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I usually hate the normal-champ-painted-differently skins. Kat with blue hair, pink Taric, green Kayle, blue Cho' ...

White Ashe looks cool though.

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@Nocall: Are we able to anyways? S:

I've tried Eve yesterday. It worked pretty well to take points.. But I was RAPED by Jax as soon he reached me.

What about the new items? Which you guys like better?

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@Tfruit said:

really having a good time with it, but some champs like Jax and akali have been raping pretty hard in it

Idk about Akali, but Jax NEED a nerf. He's carrying all the dominion games I've played so far.

@adz117: I had close games yesterday. There was only one match that was hopeless because we had a Sion who thought he would farm well CREEPING. ON A DOMINION GAME. FFS.


Ty <3