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I loved Final Fantasy X-2. The story was maybe the worst ever but I loved it simply for the dressphere system. I was addicted to leveling up the individual dresspheres and learning new moves. It's a shame that system was tied to such a shitty game as it makes it less likely to return in the future. As for XIII-2, XIII was terrible so unless they make some radical changes I can't see myself enjoying this game any. Maybe they could add some cool weapons to go along with the boomerang like a airsoft gun or some other childrens toy.

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They also had a Splinter cell and Call of Duty Xbox. Plus the 4GB isn't the only one getting bundled with Kinect. It'll be bundled with the 250GB on the 4th as well.

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I'll be getting both games on day one because I always get both games from each major entry. But to answer your question somewhat I always get both games but devote most of my time to one particular game (like Pearl last time around) and in this case it'll be White, although I do really like the legendary from Black.

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I got my e-mail and am now just waiting for the 17th to actually start and get my free game. If I did not get this e-mail, though, I would most definitely not sign up for $15/month on top of having to buy games still. That would be like if Gamefly charged you for each game they sent you on top of the monthly fee. It's ridiculous.

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 I don't know about anybody else but I'm a little sick of hearing people complain about the lack of mature games on the Wii. But do people really want these games? There has been a slight growth in the number of mature Wii games as of late with the likes of Madworld, The Conduit, House of the Dead: Overkill, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and Dead Space: Extraction. Yet the sales of these titles are generally not indicative of this desire. I look at a lot of these games and feel that they don't really need to exist. Most of those games really are not held to the same standard that mature games on other systems are held. If Madworld was released on the 360 or PS3 it would have just been some offbeat mediocre game that nobody gave a second glance at. The reason that game got so much press was that it was a more mature title coming to the Wii. Just because a mature game is coming to Nintendo's console does not mean that it will be quality. What I think Wii owners should be clamoring for, instead of having mature titles for the sake of having mature titles, are games that they'll enjoy. Does it really matter if it's rated E or M? Nintendo isn't really known for making those types of games or even having a system that is conducive to playing them but Super Mario Galaxy or Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime, are all games that are of the highest caliber and they have no blood, or sexual content or swearing. It's not that those things might not have a place in a different game but if that's the type of thing you want in your video game then you should get a 360 or PS3 where gritty, realistic, mature games can be more accurately portrayed. Nintendo should just stick to it's guns with the childhood nostalgia and fantastical space-faring silent protagonists.

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I literally bought a DSi yesterday. On one hand I'm pissed for not waiting on the other hand I don't give a rat's ass about 3D so I'm kinda alright with it.

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Luckily the winner of the Tester will be there to spot these kind of bugs next time around.

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 1.  Tingle
2. A Link to the Past 
3. Grog 
4. Garo Master 
5. Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule 

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  1. Twilight Princess
2. Wisdom
3. Majora's Mask
4. Sacred Realm/ Dark World with Ganon
5. Nayru  

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I pre-ordered it at Best Buy cause you get those golden guns. Pre-ordering at Amazon just gets you the stupid treasure map thing that you could probably find on the internet within a day of it coming out.

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