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I'm really interested in this game but getting my hands on it would really help me figure out how I feel about it.

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That game looked surprisingly fantastic.

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Paper Mario - Best RPG ever, the fact that Nintendo turned it into a platformer is disgraceful.
MGS4 - Simply one of the most brilliantly crafted games of all time, virtually no mistakes.
Bioshock - May only be second to MGS4 in its greatness.
Resident Evil 4 - I'll never forget sitting in my room alone at night taking on the two chainsaw sisters with no ammo, I thought i was going to wet myself.
Dark Cloud series - While technically not as good of a game as MGS4 or Bioshock it to this day is my favorite game series. In fact I'm playing through Dark Cloud 1 right now and I'm gonna play through Dark Cloud 2 when I'm done.

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i'm excited to see the uncharted and gow3 stuff but since i don't have a ps3 its mostly out of curiosity. i'm most excited to see stuff on the new gtav dlc.

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i agree, a full fledged ds paper mario would be amazing

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I know that they haven't announced a third game in the franchise yet ( I don't count Super Paper Mario ) but if there was one what would you want to see in the game given that it would be an RPG like the first two.
I guess i would have to say that one thing I'd like is less aliens and maybe even more customization to your partners like being able to learn more moves than just three or a deeper leveling system for them. If not that then maybe just more partners altogether.

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My favorite is easily the first Paper Mario game, The Thousand Year Door was good just not as good as the original and Super Paper Mario was also good but kinda pissed me off because i really wanted another Paper Mario RPG not a platformer.

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this game is definitely amazing. i'm at the last couple of levels and it's pretty tough. i never would have guessed it would be this hard just from looking at the box art.

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i love the "illustrated" art style and it's nice that the series is basically starting over completely cause after the first sands of time game it went downhill fast. so the art is just one of many reasons why this game is going to rock.

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