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That article on gun licensing in games was amazing. I usually have a number of tabs with various video game stories open at any given time, to get to when I feel like reading them. I just read that whole article now. It was gripping and thought-provoking.

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@Superfriend said:

Wait, the guy who ordered more drone killings than any other president before him does that?

I know. They talk about this culture that glorifies violence. Well yeah, we have that. I mean, the American government funded the live-streaming of the invasion of Iraq a decade ago.. If that isn't glorification of violence, I don't know what is. Must be the games, though.

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I do not understand the praise that Unmanned gets.

"He’s followed Phone Story up with an equally weighty piece, one that bears playing and considering, given it’s an election year. Unmanned follows the daily routine of our anonymous drone operators, men and women who are quickly becoming the front line of a newer, safer, ethically questionable form of warfare."

Drone strikes may be ethically questionable and safer for the people operating them, but they are not by any means the "front lines" of war. As far as it being an election year, why does this matter? It's not like the Republicans and Democrats have fundamentally different views on drone strikes.

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@Rohok: To the OP: ArenaNet started offering codes on their website again this morning. As of this post (3:15 PM EST), they are still available.

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Just a heads up for anyone who may have been waiting to pre-purchase after trying out this beta event. This pre-purchase comes with access to all of the future weekend beta events, as well as three-day early access to the final game.

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I'm curious as to whether or not GameStop was ever handing out early access. As far as I can tell, this was only ever offered on the official website.

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So apparently the ability to play this game a full three days early is worth half of the price of the game to the OP. That's fine; we all choose how to spend our own money.

My wife and I are enjoying the beta weekend so far, though, and we are going to be pre-purchasing tomorrow night.

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Hey guys, I've never made any secret of the fact that I don't like MMOs and I think Star Wars is stupid. Should I play this game?

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Both the Joystiq podcast and Weekend Confirmed are pretty good. If you're big into game soundtracks, check out Top Score (not sure if they still have new episodes, haven't listened in a while). I used to listen to PC Gamer, but they've kind of gone downhill.

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@MajorToms said:

.Origin = spyware. Because you agree to the ToS, you're giving them information about all your computer activities. See, I don't trust EA because their a bunch of fuckers.

Read the EULA for Steam. Or any MMO. Or the ToS/privacy policy on just about any website you have a membership to.