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The thing that's most depressing to me are the drones on both sides of the argument who keep on fighting with each other. You've either got tools who are following a fucking company line, telling everyone to bend over and take it, or tools lining up to give Klepek a handy, scared shitless that they've somehow given away the rights to their freedom by agreeing not to sue a consumer electronics company.

Anyone care to join me in the grey area here?

Show me the grey area.

I suppose the grey area is the people who don't see this a a big issue. EULA and ToS agreements have been limiting consumers' legal options for years. This is not a new issue.

What's the average payment that an individual gets in a class action lawsuit? I doubt it is even equivalent to the cost of a new game.

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So what are some incidents that have happened in gaming history that people believe have been class action lawsuit worthy?

EA using SecuROM and the Hot Coffee mod for San Andreas are two class action lawsuits that come to mind.

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Heh. So if you're too lazy to send it yourself you can go online and have it sent for you? What the fuck, people?

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So I'm looking at Steam right now, and Portal is free...

I Googled this, and nothing is coming up. I think the OP just broke this story. Well done!

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" As soon as we went ahead with Building the Bastion, I knew we'd end up seeing too much of that game and that running an actual, scored review would be right out of the question. Rather than hem and haw about that end of the coverage, I said up front that we wouldn't review the game. And I'll say again, right here, that I recommend you seek out various reviews on the topic before making a purchasing decision rather than just taking what I'm saying here on faith."
Just one more reason to appreciate the Giant Bomb guys even more.

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Eh, it seems like the OP was making a comment about the plethora of supposedly "realistic" modern war games that come out these days.  I happen to think the genre is saturated and even a bit tasteless, as I feel it glorifies real war in a way I don't agree with.  At any much hate in this thread--from both sides it seems.

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Come on EA and Activision. How about Call of Duty: Green Zone or Medal of Honor: Signal Corps?

If you were really in the war, you either wouldn't say that, not even as a joke, or you're completely fucking insane.
That is not necessarily true.  Poking fun like this may just be his way of coping.  People use all different ways of dealing with the stress of being deployed, both during and after.
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Has anyone checked out the game on Amazon?  It's getting review-bombed like PC games with DRM do.

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I am very upset that Plants vs. Zombies, Animal Crossing, and Gardening Mama don't work for the gardening quest.
Plants vs. Zombies doesn't count but FarmVille does.  Who designs these quests?
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No one's personal information on Facebook is safe!
Oh wait...