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A pretty good space sim... 0

 ...made all the better by the fact that it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Bruce Campbell is the voice of the main character! Of course it isn't that serious. The gameplay, though, is pretty good. The fighters are decently customizable, and the combat is fun and engaging. The story takes a turn at one particular mission, and you can't go back, so I recommend saving before that mission. When it debuted, the game had multiplayer, but I don't know if it still does. The graph...

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Forty hours of fun... 0

 ...with a completely ridiculous (or rather, a complete lack of) end payoff.  The opening of the game sets a mood that is not carried out throughout the game. Early on, the game treats you to small cutscenes to introduce characters and bosses, but after the first few characters you meet, it does away with this, and from then on you're simply introduced to bosses with a small scene that shows their name in big letters. It's catchy, but it could've been a lot more. The graphics are taste-d...

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A wonderful, simple, and possibly addicting game 0

 Torchlight is a new entry into the Diablo-style hack'n'slash genre of games. While it may seem derivitave, it bears mentioning that some of the team behind this game also worked on the actual Diablo games, and one of them is the guy behind Fate. Customization: Not much here to start with--three class archetypes to choose from (melee, ranged, or mage). Each character has their own brief backstory. I played as the melee class; my wife is playing as the ranged class, which involves both...

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Feels Like a Mediocre Budget Game 0

 Fable 3's combat gameplay is the best thing it has going for it. The combat flows easily and fluidly between melee, guns, and magic attacks. The weapon flourishes that can be done to finish off enemies are some of the game's strongest animations. The combat feels like a solid hack and slash, although the magic, even after being fully upgraded, still feels underpowered. The weapons themselves get upgraded depending on what you do with them (kill 300 hollowmen, kill 150 enemies with fl...

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Fun for the whole family! 0

 The side-scrolling platformer is far from dead with this great game! The story is narrated during loading screens, which don't take more than a minute to load, at the longest. And while the story isn't terribly complex, the world is brought to life in sharp, vivid colors and beautiful 3D rendering. Though the entire game is played in two dimensions, the environments appear layered, and in a few levels some of the (abundant) traps actually appear to swing "towards" and "away from" the s...

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