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Sarasota, FL, USA

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This is exactly the type of content I look for when on GiantBomb. CBSi and @rorie, take note.

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@patrickklepek You should also add that the 3DS cross-over game, Persona Q, is also coming stateside as well.

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Looking at the trailer on the game's Steam page, it looks like some hoooooooot garbage.

I await a Quick Look, as well.

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...we call it


im giving this stuff away for free microsoft

The whole Xbox/Pizza Hut thing has come full circle.

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@IrrelevantJohn: Don't hold me against it, but I believe the four hours is based off of the playtime count in Origin. So if you decide to stop playing after 2 hours, you still have two hours left.

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@IrrelevantJohn: I'm playing tonight, and I know a few others on the list that are.

Also, Burnout Paradise with all the DLC is 3GB, while NFS Hot Pursuit is 8GB. So 5.5 GB seems about right.

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Origin ID PC: Natedagr811

Availability: Every night, along with Tuesday and Friday all day. (Eastern Standard Time)

Can't wait to start this up!

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This is my first post on the forums. I hope you guys like this:

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