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This has been another crazy year for video games. Even with fresh hardware on the market, and public relations and gaming journalists calling it the "next generation", I don't feel as if we have stepped into brand new territory yet. Compared to previous years, 2013 was quite lackluster overall, but the few games that shone through the fog were brilliant. Games are what make for innovation, hardware just enables the games to do more. My friends and I tease over this coming generation being the end of video games, but in truth, we are just waiting for a new beginning.

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Posted by ZombiePie

I may not agree with everything, but I definitely appreciate the fact that you provided detailed explanations of why you picked the games you did. Keep up the good work duder!

Posted by natedagr811

@zombiepie: Thanks for reading, man! I know I have pretty weird tastes in video games, but I feel like it's all the more reason to make these lists. Appreciate it!

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What, no Brothers?

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@cooljammer00: I haven't gotten to that game yet, honestly. I've gone back on my previous lists and edited them. It didn't look like my cup of tea at the time (despite Brad's review), but I will definitely check it out very soon.

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Evil twin! We meet again...

Gotta give love for the Persona 4 entry. That game defies yearly guidelines. Persona gets its!

It's good to see GTA5 get some love as well. Wasn't my favorite of the series, but I really enjoyed my time in Los Santos.