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@Atlas said:
" I see what you did there. I think maybe you should brush up on forum etiquette before you start making threads like this. A divisive unqualified statement does not a thread make. Also, I really liked the dog in Fable II and see no reason to not like it in Fable III. "
Urhm? This thread is about us that doesn't like the dog, you are entitled to you opinion but me.. don't give much cares for the dog and would like to see it die in fable 3 too.
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4 fucking sets of clothing?! are you guys mad?!

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I hope for melee combat but that will never be there so i hope it's an emote that you can punch your wife if the face

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So who in here doesn't like the fact that you are going to spend another game with a stupid shitty dog following you around?

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What i look forward to most is people crawling and begging for mercy 
You can judge me all you want, but in the end it's just a game.. just code nothing more.

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So fare we all heard that you can lasso people, people will crawl away as you shot them in the kneecaps so on...  
RAGE engine makes killing people fun and i know i will kill people for the fun of it. 
what are you looking forward to? on the sadist part :P

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Im gonna play this game as i feel, but right now.. i can't wait to kill people and fuck shit up.

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How about instead of boycotting we adverstise the game to friends/websites so more people can se how awesome this game is?

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Awesome news but then again i didn't read them lol

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