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I learned one thing from E3 so far: I can put off buying a new console for another year. Yay!

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I do. I put them on after getting cleaned up and dressed. Then I'm complete and ready to go get crap done. I have two different pairs though. I have work shoes which I don't walk around in, and a pair of nikes that stay fairly clean which I will wear inside.

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If I have plenty of napkins, then maybe. Otherwise, I prefer to keep my sixty dollar controller free from nacho cheese gunk. No Mountain Dew either. A coke yes.

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Not sure what all the stink is about. I laughed. The writer had to write an obnoxious character. He did. Her family was killed. Kids tend to regress after that. Plus it's a crazy game set in a crazy universe. I don't think it's all that important of an issue.

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Depends on the situation I suppose. Unless you've been there I don't think one can form a proper opinion. I haven't been in that situation, and I'm not about to go gung ho in favor for or against it.

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I have seen worse things. There will always be a market for sex and violence. That said I doubt a ton of these will sell, even with all this nice publicity. I wouldn't buy it anyway. It exists. Whatever.

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Finally a topic I can get into! Stallone overall is better at pretty much everything, but I like Arnie more. I just do. Everything from The Terminator and Predator, to Commando and even Raw Deal.

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I see so many threads on this topic. The "journalists" at Kotaku particularly like to start topics on this. I don't know if it is actually a change in the mind set of gamers, or just a bunch of pseudo intellectual young men who believe Joss Whedon does create strong female characters. If Lara Croft gets attacked by a rapist in the game, then that is part of the story. It us up to the writer to determine how it is handled and how well it is handled. Sometimes if you look to deeply into something, your head gets stuck in a fog of your own flatulence. Bottom line: just play the game.

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I laughed when I got to the Catalyst. Before the game came out I remember thinking, "man I hope they don't just cop out and give us a two or three choice ending." Boy was I in for a treat. ME3 is by far the weakest of the trilogy. Characters like Liara and Mordin have become caricatures, ME2 squadmates are given brief meaningless parts, and the Priority Earth mission was so damn underwhelming. It just sucks because for me this was it. This was the gaming franchise that no other could touch. And then ME3 came out. I don't hate it, but I was greatly disappointed.

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Green Bay fought hard up until the end. In the end though, the officials just made one more play than GB...

There were bad calls throughout the entire game, but that last drive started with a bogus roughing the passer call and continued with the offensive pass interference getting called as defensive pass interference. I thought it was an interception at the end, I was certain. So was the ref who signaled touchback. I don't think the head ref knew what was going on so he just signaled touchdown.

Gotta just love how cocky Wilson and Tate have been about it. The referees made their last drive possible, not their talent.