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Dan Ryckert is going all the way to the top.

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I believe this is what you're looking for.

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The game doesn't pause when you access your backpack, but you can pause it normally like any other game.

And you're definitely not late. I finished it tonight on PS4 for the first time and it's one of my favorite games. Have fun!

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The last couple of AC games had microtransactions in the multiplayer.

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Does Trouble in Terrorist Town for Garry's Mod count? I don't have a lot of experience with PC games so that's my answer. It's pretty goddamn amazing with a good group of players.

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It's a good system. It'll be fun to see how developers use it over the next decade.

The interface is my least favorite part, especially the party system. Inviting people to a party on 360 involved going to your friends and pushing X on their gamer tag. On PS4 you need to separately create a party, add people to a list, and then hit send on that list. That's a bummer. I think the store interface is pretty terrible too.

Those sorts of things will evolve over time, but hopefully it doesn't take too long.

Oh, and the chat quality for the parties is the worst I've ever heard. I can barely understand anything my friends are saying. It could just be the mics that they're using--the two that are hardest to understand use the shitty earbud that came with the system, so that could probably explain that part. The other friend that I can understand pretty well uses this and it sounds like a really shitty phone call with him.

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@cale: I had a similar experience in the final round of Survivors when I was the last player alive going against a full team of four, though I didn't come out victorious. I decided I wasn't going down without a fight, so I bought armor and full ammo for my pistol and rifle and somehow managed to hold off all four of them in close quarters for a good minute and a half, even as they were throwing molotovs at me. I downed some of them several times and took out one, but eventually I was overrun. It was fun!

I find Survivors to be the best mode, because the lack of respawning keeps it focused. Supply Raid just scatters the teams around the map because people are dying and then spawning on the outskirts. The movement and guns also feel slow and methodical in a way that seems like they were balanced for Survivors anyway.

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Yes! Metal Gear is one of my favorite series.

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That's unfortunate to hear. Admittedly I'm not sure how the visa process works but hopefully you can get it worked out. At the very least it's good to hear that you're still pursuing your interests with the game you're making. Hope it goes well for you!

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Hey! Welcome to the site.

I think there might be a new Spooking with Scoops coming, but I honestly don't remember. Sounds familiar! And you can see upcoming videos/articles on the right side of the main page. There's a box that says, "Coming up on Giant Bomb."