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I really kind of hate many things about Unity, but I thought the combat was really good compared to what the series has been for several years now. All of the flashy instant killing was really awesome in Brotherhood. You felt super powerful and it just looked so damn cool. But instant killing my way through four straight games got very old. Combat began to feel like a total annoyance because there was no challenge to it. Getting swarmed by enemies began to feel like a tedious waste of time, because I knew I was never in danger.

I quite enjoyed feeling underpowered for much of Unity. I didn't upgrade my Assassin very quickly which meant I had to be careful about who I chose to engage, rather than carving a bloody path through the entire game like you can from Brotherhood through Black Flag. I found the counter system in this game really satisfying, even if slashing an enemy 5 times with a sword before he goes down is still silly (and let's be honest, that's almost every game that has swords or weapons of any kind).

Also, I disagree that there aren't any cool kill animations. If anything they're way more brutal in Unity!

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Initial reaction is disappointment, but the issues with Halo 4's story partially stem from the fact that the characters and universe of that series kind of suck to begin with. This isn't true with Mass Effect, so... maybe it'll be okay? I imagine writing a Halo game isn't the easiest thing in the world considering how most of it is nonsense (though perhaps it is easy for that very reason, who knows).

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Currently sitting at level 47. I'm pretty shocked at how dramatically the movement changes how the game is played (for the better). This feels like a great evolution for the series.

I skipped Ghosts, so the last CoD game I was really into was Black Ops 2. Outside of the jump boosting and dashing, it doesn't feel nearly as... deep? I'm pretty disappointed at the selection of weapons and kill streaks; I seem to remember Black Ops 2 (and previous games) having way more. I think some of the weapons are just totally not fun to use, which narrows the selection for me down even more. Still, the way you can move around the map is enough to make this one of the most exciting entries in the series. I can't wait to see Treyarch's next game (assuming it uses the movement, which it absolutely must).

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I have AW pre ordered, but the last one I bought before that was Black Ops 2. I'm a big enough fan of the series that I buy all of them day one, except for Ghosts. That game is an embarrassment.

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I haven't read this whole thread, but the thing I keep tripping up on in this ordeal is the journalistic integrity part of it. You have the people who are just slinging harassment and threats around, but it seems everyone else who isn't engaging in that behavior is claiming that game press is corrupt, or at least not being transparent enough about their relationship with developers.

Disregarding the part where the initial spark for this was disproven, I have to wonder A) where they're seeing a lack of transparency, and B) why being friends with developers is so troubling that it's worth all this nonsense. This isn't political or world news, it's video games. They're meant to be fun.

Part of why I've always come to Giant Bomb over other sites is because there are fun videos with developers on the couch hanging out, doing crazy stuff at the panels and live shows, etc. This hypothetical world in which no one in the press has any close relationships to any developers sounds remarkably dull. Let's hang out, play video games, and have fun with the people who make them because they like having fun too. If Giant Bomb doesn't want to review Bastion, for example, that's fine, but I honestly don't care either way. The crew has known Greg Kasavin for a long time. So what? I don't need a review from someone who's never met him to know if it's a good game, or if it's something I'll want to play.

Perhaps it's because I rely on videos more than reviews to make purchasing decisions, but I just don't see how this can bother anybody. I've never read a single piece of games writing in my life that has made me say, "Man, I can't trust this because the writer is friends with the developer." If anything, I am MORE interested in an article or a video about a game written/produced by someone who knows the developer quite well.

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Is the second level of Shadows of the Empire that really dark one with the monster swimming around in the murky water? I was terrified of that as a kid.

I'm definitely gonna play through DS 1 and 2 again, hopefully this month to keep with the Shocktober theme. Absolutely loved those games. I'm surprised you found controlling Isaac to be sluggish, though, because I love the movement in that game. The walking speed feels perfect for navigating the ship.

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Holy shit! I love it!

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I find Fatman to be really easy. The Metal Gear Ray fight at the end is the one that requires you to be an ace with the controls.

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I very nearly preordered this today. It looks great, but I've been burned by several of the last $60 game purchases I've made. I'll hold off for a bit on this one.

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I usually agree with them. I don't buy many games every year so I usually get the ones that everyone/most of them like.