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This probably isn't much of a self-imposed restriction because it's built into the game, but I loved playing Far Cry 4 on Hard with the mini map turned off. Really throws you into the game world by forcing you to pay attention to your surroundings instead of following icons on a map in the corner.

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Queens of the Stone Age have made a significant impact on my life. Influenced how I play guitar, the music I listen to, getting through hard times, etc. All the normal stuff you'd associate with a favorite band. I first heard them in Guitar Hero 1 because No One Knows was in that game, and man did I write them off real hard. The cover of No One Knows that the developers produced for GH1 is so, so bad. I guess I didn't realize that it was a cover? Anyway, when I heard Go With The Flow in Rock Band around 2008, I became a huge fan. Saw them live for the first time last year at the Merryweather Post Pavilion in Maryland and it was probably the best night of my life.

Their self-titled debut album is old, classic QOTSA. Regular John, Mexicola, How to Handle a Rope, If Only, You Can't Quit Me Baby. You kind of can't go wrong with anything here. Their rare live performances of I Was a Teenage Hand Model are so cool. For the longest time now I've wanted to drive through Joshua Tree, California listening to this record. Some day!

Rated R somehow feels like their least cohesive album but it has quite a few classic QOTSA songs, like Feel Good Hit of the Summer, Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, In the Fade, Better Living Through Chemistry, and I Think I Lost My Headache. The latter two represent QOTSA at the peak of their penchant for spaced-out, lengthy jams. Would absolutely love to hear these songs live.

Songs for the Deaf is probably their best. At the very least it's the one I would recommend first to anyone.

Lullabies to Paralyze is where the band began experimenting in some really fantastic ways. Someone's in the Wolf is legit one of their greatest songs. I think this was the first time the band did the really shitty thing of having songs exclusive to certain regions. Like A Drug isn't available on the normal US edition, which is insane. It's great.

Era Vulgaris is the album that people like to bag on, but I love it. The band stretches far in some pretty crazy directions while still maintaining their own identity. It sounds like QOTSA, but it's a more modern, robotic version. It's really cool. This is hopefully the last time the band does the awful thing of having songs exclusive to certain editions/regions. (They literally had retailer-specific bonus tracks. Fuck that.) The Fun Machine Took A Shit & Died is their best song, but it's only available on the tour edition of the album.

Like Clockwork is a special album. It's the first one they released since I became a fan, it was released on the day I graduated high school, and lyrically it's their best by far. It's a bit more subdued than what they've done before, but it's definitely one of their top 2. Maybe #1? Songs for the Deaf is tough to beat, but this album is wonderful.

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@patoday: @shinboy630: Dude seems like a good player, but man does he have the angriest face I've ever seen. Even his name makes him seem like the antagonist of a sports film.

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That was phenomenal. Great work!

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I listen to the exercise playlist that Dan made on Spotify. It's wonderful.

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Apocalypse Now - 5/5

First time watching it. Blown away.

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I use Turtle Beach EarForce PX4 for my PS4. It's decent, but it isn't very compatible with the system. The mute mic button and chat volume control buttons do not work with the PS4, meaning I have to unplug my chat cable if I want to silence my mic and I have to adjust the party volume by going through some menus on the system. It's a total pain. The headset is wireless, which is a step up from the wired Turtle Beach headset I was using a few years ago, but at least on that older set I could independently adjust game and party chat volumes. No dice here. The PX4 has two buttons for tone and blast limiter, but there only seems to be one tone that sounds good.

Overall, the headset kinda sucks, but I got it for fairly cheap (~$98 I think). Games and movies sound fine, but the incompatibility with the PS4 is real annoying.

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They destroyed his character by having him talk as often as he does. It drove me absolutely insane. I encountered a bug at one point where he would talk about a subject and halfway through his monologue he would start over at the beginning of the same monologue, and repeat infinitely. Only stopped when I restarted the game. It sucks because I liked hearing the songs on that station, but he would only play them for maybe 15 seconds before talking again.

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5 minutes? More like every 10 seconds. You can crawl from grass at 90% to a patch of dirt and be at 40% or lower camo, which is enough for guards to easily spot you. I can see Drew getting super frustrated with it. I'm hoping he just whips out the shotgun and blazes through some of those sections.

It's not that bad. You're rarely in a situation where you'll crawl into a different piece of the terrain and have to immediately change camo because you're about to be spotted. Most areas can be finished using a specific kind of camo best suited for it, and you just have to stick to the terrain that matches you best.