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Still hasn't sunk in for me. The true heart of Giant Bomb.

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It's a known issue. I thought it was one of the ones they patched, but given that you're still having problems with it, maybe not.

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I would play "From Ashes" right away. Getting Javik early on is great.

I'd save "Leviathan" until after you play the mission on Thessia (very minor spoiler), which makes it pretty close to the end of the game. Omega is okay, but nothing spectacular. Story-wise, I'd wait until after you help Aria unite the gangs.

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@awesomeusername: you got it. sending you a PM.

Steelbook is claimed!

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@narujoe93: if you read my post, I said it's free, and I'd send it free to anyone in the US.

Just thought I'd be nice and send it to a fellow Duder who might want it.

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@Cubidog1: um...sure? I take it you've never bought anything online?

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I ended up trading in my Xbox 360 copy of AC3 after beating it. Anyone want my pre-order Steelbook case (w/ Alex Ross art)?

Free to the first person to ask for it here. (and I'll ship it free to anyone in the USA)

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I still like ME3 multiplayer, even though I haven't played it much lately.

Frankly, they should just make it free-to-play. They'd probably do well enough with the microtransactions.

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The game is actually canon with the comic books, not the show. (of course there are characters that appear in the show too, but the show is kind of a 'reimagining' of the book's stories)

The show is pretty great though, in its own way. Personally, I found the storytelling in the game to be far more powerful.

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I enjoy games that don't have a lousy framerate and bugs up the wazoo. Also games that don't have lazy cop-out endings.

For a game that was supposed by be the culmination of Desmond's story & training, AC3 is a serious let-down. Makes Mass Effect 3's "space magic" ending seem like game-of-the-year material.