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Good responses, I too would to eat Pokemon.  I would start with Ash's Pikachu. 

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I would jack into FF7 to see if materia makes a good hacky-sac.

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@Kibblez said:
" Sounds pretty ironic but probably Liberty City. It would be like going to New York, but even zanier. "
I would stay clear of Liberty City because if were following Matrix rules you might not come back.
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If you could "Jack In" Matrix style to any video game universe at any time or place with in that universe what would you explore or who would you talk to?  What questions would you try and answer or what would you want to experience?  I would jack into World of Warcraft and fly around as a druid in Northrend for a while then go to Ironforge to see how hot it was inside.

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Andy X

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Thats very true they do make time fly.  I think the most time lapse I have experienced is 8-10 hours playing WoW.
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Why do we play video games?  I play them because I don't want to face reality.  I enjoy playing them but couldn't I be doing something else with my time?  Would our lives be less stressful or more stressful if we stopped playing games all together.  How many times have you obsessed over a game?  I guess the question is simple.  Would you give up video games if it meant you would have a happier and more successful personal life?