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In short: Yes.

I find myself doing the same, but I do it from a place of love. I loved wrestling, despite it being incredibly dumb. That's part of what made it endearing. But in recent times it's just been getting pretty bad. When I look down on it now, it's only because I know it could be better.

There will always be people on the outside looking down on it though, it's just a thing that happens. It doesn't really matter.

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Is it possible to pin a video to the top while on a phone? I couldn't figure it out, but maybe I'm just being dim.

I think it would be nice to have the wee video playing and scroll comments while the phone is in it's regular portrait orientation.

Edit: This is perhaps a question more suitable for asking on the boards over on the beta. Keeping more on topic, the site works great on my phone. It doesn't resize quite perfectly for the Nexus7, but it still works just fine.

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I'm not yet going bald, but I have been alternating between the long hair and totally shaven look since my teens. I'm just lazy. Don't like doing anything with it, can't be bothered getting it cut.

But while the difference can be quite striking the first few times someone sees you, they get over it quickly. So fear not, just shave it off.

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I think the last game I pre-ordered was Mortal Kombat. Or maybe portal 2. I forget which came first.

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Sure, why not? I think online message boards are a perfectly viable way to make friends. Meeting is fine so long as you're careful about it.

I'vebecame pretty good friends with people from other sites and in the years since we've met, shared hotels at conventions, visited each others homes... its been good. only one person turned out to be a bit of a weirdo, and you get weirdos "IRL" too.

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Double-meatball on hearty italian bread, no cheese, no sauce, no toppings of any description.

I don't like a lot of stuff.

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Mine is in two weeks. I was 7 marks shy of getting exemption for it too.

That'll teach me. I'll procrastinate less next year. Maybe.

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I'm up for it. I would vote Glasgow as the location, but that's purely because I live here and it would make my attendance far easier.

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I'm going in with a perfect run in the sense that I got lucky and nobody died in my original ME2 run.

It's less perfect because I'm missing a bunch of characters and general stuff because I had none of the DLC. I don't even have Zaeed. I borrowed ME2 when I played, I was mega poor at the time.

I might try and blow through all the DLC before the game comes out if I have the time... not sure yet.

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I keep in touch with many of my friends from secondary school. A few of them were friends from primary school. We still meet up for banter in the pub fairly often and go out occasionally on a grander evening or cinema trip or something. Do friend stuff.