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What's interesting is that Baby Boomer's @DG991 said:

Posts like these are a reflection of the frustration with the News Media within the United States.

LMAO, what a tool and a complete piece of shit. "Our parents" i.e. baby boomers, raped, murdered and committed assaults at much higher rates. Just look at violent crime trends, huge spikes in the 1970s; 77-78 was a peak year if I remember correctly. We are less violent as a society now.

The only people who need their ass whipped are the idiots who "liked" that FB status.

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@flindip said:

@golguin: I'll address a couple of your points:

1)"Switzerland is an outlier because of their unique population in regards to its more affluent and homogeneous nature." This is where we can both agree on. But it does not change the fact they own guns. That their culture, for whatever reason, does not create extreme acts of violence. That their own populace voted against gun control laws. The guns themselves aren't really the problem.

Ignorance is cool.

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Tom Chick also claimed Deus Ex was "only 90% bad." He's a contrarian, and one I have never found challenging like Patrick hinted. Remember kids, opinions are scary.

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Dragon Age: Origins lets you change into a rat when you visit The Fade.

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So diehard Resident Evil fan likes Resident Evil 6. Astonishing.

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Depending on which accounting method you choose, RE6 is the ninth or tenth game in the main series. You are still playing as the same guy from the first game. The plot is more or less recycled from previous entries. The nuts and bolts of the gameplay is antiquated or wonky. For me, the reality set in around RE4 that I never really had fun playing any of these games; lame puzzles, sloppy controls, insipid narratives, the list goes on. RE as a valid "horror" series never stood a chance after I dove into the superior settings of late 1990s PC titles. I wanted to continue to like the series, being sold on the "promise" of the thrills from those first two RE games but it never came to fruition. I will say simply that I could not recommend Resident Evil games to someone who has never played one before, as I think Dead Space 1 & 2 is much closer to the spirit of the original Resident Evil games only layered with much better game design and atmosphere.

I know my longstanding dissatisfaction with the series won't dissuade people from playing these titles, particularly if their position is firmly entrenched in pro-RE camp. However, I do firmly contend the belief that Resident Evil is a AAA gaming franchise is untenable, as evidenced by the design philosophy Capcom deployed in RE6. That is, it's evolved into a fairly generic action title where the praise seems to be confined by nebulous terms as "fun" in addition to being bolstered by the concept of "bang for your buck."