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This is really awesome, thanks for sharing! Been reading a lot about homebrewing lately - this post just may have been the thing to get me started.

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1. Xbox

2. nazer858

3. 1, 2 at SFIV

4. Ryu (Denjin)

5. California, US PDT, GMT - 8

6. If you really want to talk I'll bust out my headset

EDIT: Oh, does anyone want to play right now? (10:32 PDT)

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Looks great, but I kind of just want another Kirby's Super Star

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Great article, it was very cool watching him play on the EVO stream (hyper armor ftw)

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Steam, and I love how the game looks. Huge amount of detail in the animations, and the sound design is fantastic as well.

And to everyone that wants new maps, I forgot where I heard this (maybe the bombcast?), but you don't see chess players complaining about the same 64 square board. The current map with the current set of heroes and items are open to limitless possibilities. To those looking for innovation in the "MOBA" space, give DotA 2 a shot and if you're not feeling it then jump back onto HoN or LoL no big deal, but I bet you'll find a lot of stuff you like about Dota / Dota 2.

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I won't be at PAX this year, but your descriptions were hilarious. Have fun folks!

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Most definitely better. Patrick has taken a totally different route with news, posting the standard highlights while creating putting together some awesome features, and the new site layout is great. The addition of the subscriber features are amazing as well, HD video, HTML5, the happy hour, and so on. Can't wait to see what they have planned for this year.

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@jewunit said:

Video games are the new home for movie stock sound effects. The Wilhelm Scream has gotten some mileage more recently in games. The same can be said of the Howie Scream. I personally wish more games used the Goofy Holler when characters fall into bottomless pits. I imagine it would break the sense of immersion though.

Yup, plenty of games now are using sounds from more common libraries, but just as many games if not more are using custom sound effects from scratch. Sound design can really help to set any piece of entertainment apart from the rest, but to the OPs post, yes, many games share SFX.

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SSF4 as usual, but DJ Hero 2 was $20 this week (the bundle!) so a bit of that, and just picked up Bastion as well.