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@EnduranceFun: Telling people to go and "check their privilege" is just a silencing technique. Also males and females both enjoy privilege in different ways, it's a fact of life.

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@TDot: I can count the number of people who've made comments like that on one hand. Misrepresenting the position of the opposing viewpoint doesn't help your cause one bit.

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@acethesuperhero: Explain.

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@sissylion: Why is someone automatically white, male and underage because they don't agree 100% with something you do?

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@biggiedubs: alleged physical advantages

Is this a joke?. There are always exceptions to the rule but males are, in general, more physically capable than females. This can be seen in virtually any species on the planet. What everyone involved in this sort of social justice issue needs to understand is that, while men and women are NOT equal in a lot of ways, they always have equal worth.

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@FuzzYLemoN: Thanks for posting this. To clarify before someone yells at you though, this doesn't mean that workplace harassment isn't an issue, it's just the way that some things, for better or worse, are.

@bugmeyer: Actually I think attempting to sell every game to every single gamer is the main reason why a lot of games aren't being as well received as they used to, that obviously has nothing to do with who's on the dev team though.

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@DoctorWelch: There's actually quite a lot of MRAs and feminists who don't spend their time slinging shit everywhere, they're just not as outspoken as those who do.

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@Jumbs: I'm assuming you're referring to misogynists and not MRA's, it would be awful sexist of you otherwise.

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Faith, a memorable character? Really? Fun game but hardly anything to write home about on the story/character front.

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@StingingVelvet said:

Not trying to be Mr. PC Elitist McJackass here, but that looks a lot worse than the PC footage. Worse than I expected it to look, frankly. I'm kind of shocked. I'm sure it looks "good enough" though, which is the console standard I suppose. In the end the real thing you guys should be upgrading a PC for is the 64 player battles and massive maps.

This a million times. Forget all the people who talk shit about graphics, the real reasons why the PC version of BF3 is the best are maps, mods and player caps.

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