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$109.35 million

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If you don't play Dota, all you really need to know is that they are changing the map in some pretty major ways. The Dota map hasn't changed in years!

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How did people RSVP for the Premium Party? Was there a thread on the forums? This is the first time I heard about this and feel pretty left out.

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I'm gonna be curious to know if they continue to explain things throughout the week. The early Purge and SUNSfan noob stream was really good in explaining the game, but as I tuned in later on it just felt like they were casting the game primarily with the beginner stuff just being sprinkled in every few minutes.

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Wanted to report this as well, as I just resubscribed. I also wanted to report that it works the other way as well. If your membership expires and you don't log out, you still have access to Premium content until you do.

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I'm going to TI4. I think a TI4 meet up would be great.

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I feel like I can't say anything else that has already been said. But Ryan Davis, I will miss you so much.

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uugggh.. So tired.. of this.. garbage.

Why can't companies get some good security. All this makes me do is lose respect for them and make me want to avoid ever having to use their shitty service again.

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@echoecho: I think they're just referencing that there's like cars, and street lamps, and normal things combined with airships and monsters.