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Why keep playing a style of game you obviously hate? That's just fucking stupid.

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@generic_username: I've gotten many consoles for a single - at the time - title. A NES for SMB a SNES for Zelda etc. Not disappointed in the slightest.

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You've gotten 44 hours out of a 10 dollar game. I think anyone would start to get tired of a game like this after putting 44 hours into it. I really don't see the issue here. I mean back in my day we played games for fun...that was the factor that brought me back.

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@alamun: I think the lock-on is dependant on the darkness of the area. Your lock-on distance is limited in dark area.

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@sterling: You don't take damage from the exploding ring. It actually says in the description....the user reamins unharmed of something like that.

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Anyone using a walkthrough before they have finished it on their own is sabotaging their own experience. You can NEVER get that first playthrough back.

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@jz said:

@thatdudeguy: yeah cause that's not a pain the ass.

Yeah, such a pain in the ass; a few controller inputs. Wah wah wah complain complain complain.

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44 degrees here in Melbourne. It's been between 40 and 44 all week. I just want to die.

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@el_tajij said:

I totally imported because I've been pretty excited to play this game for a while. It's the closest thing to a 'new 2d castlevania' (which are among my favorite games ever) that has come out in a long time.

How is this anything like a "new 2d castlevania"?