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True to the Stroy 0

One Piece Pirate Warriors is Dynasty Warriors set to the One Piece world. I recommend the game for anyone that really enjoys One Piece. The game play is fun, but can be ruined sometimes by the platforming required on some levels. If you are willing to over look this you can have a lot of fun using Luffys special moves to take down hundreds of marines. The game takes place from the start of One Piece all the way to just after the time skip. You get to play many of the iconic fights not just with ...

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A must have for Transformer fans. 0

If you like the real transformers (not the ones from that horrible new move) you are going to really enjoy this game. The story of this game is interesting, and is set before the original cartoon.  The campaign is co-op up to 3 players, but can be played alone with 2 bots. The campaign is broken into chapters. The Decepticons campaign takes place before the Autobot campaign, but you can start with witch ever you choose. Runs well on the PC, there are some issues, but nothing game breaking. Get y...

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