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I seriously feel like I just lost one of my best friends. I don't care how weird that sounds. The thought of going the rest of the day just pretending to be okay is killing me right now. And what would I tell people? "Oh, this guy on the internet died." That sounds insane but it's the truth.

That doesn't sound weird at all. I JUST found out a few minutes ago, like an hour after waking up and I feel weird about how much it's bothering me because I didn't know him personally, but reading all the comments of people in disbelief and saying they feel like they lost a dear friend proves that I'm not alone in feeling this way. I don't really know how else to put it, like many people here my first reaction was "this has to be a joke..." but my next thought was "why would anyone who knew this guy joke about his death?"

I'm not trying to co-opt anyone's compassion or pain here or anything, I mean this obviously is harder for the GB crew and the rest of his friends and family to deal with. I didn't even know he was that young.

It's hard to process. It's a strange feeling indeed.

It reminds me of another loss I had to deal with back in 2004, and again this will sound insane, but I think Ryan would have appreciated this analogy:

I grew up listening to Wu-Tang and had listened to them all throughout my adolescence, but for like two months straight back in '04, the ONLY album I listened to, both alone and with friends in my car, was their first album, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. We listened played the CD beginning to end, and just let it repeat over and over. But one day, after getting home from a long drive with three close friends, and listening to that very album, my friend David got online and said the words, "Dude...ODB died?" He was the one reporting this news yet still phrased it like a question because he was in disbelief, and so were we all. We couldn't fathom a Wu-Tang without Ol' Dirty. We were all sincerely upset and later on when I told non-Wu-Tang-fans how it was devastating to me, they thought I was joking. We just kinda sat around in silence, occasionally saying "I just still can't believe it, man" and stuff like that. It wasn't like Wu-Tang was our whole lives but it still hit us hard, and kinda lingered for a few days.

So yes, I'm comparing Ryan to a rapper who went by the names Big Baby Jesus, Dirt McGirt, and Ol' Dirty Bastard. But anyone who knows me would know that that comparison is high praise. I never really post on here, I just enjoy the content, but I had to make an exception this time.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

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The first AC showed so much promise but made me want to punch the shit out of my TV, for some reason I found it frustrating...not the difficulty, but the pacing.

But I'm tired of hearing people bitching about Ubisoft..."milking the franchise dry," etc...from morons who just seem to copy/paste arguments they read somewhere else. The series got exponentially better, anyone who just likes the first one is...just wrong.

And while ACIII was a little disappointing, it's hard not to admire the direction they took, and the story-telling was and has always been top-notch as far as games go, probably among the best storylines of any game, while I'm the kind of person who doesn't give a damn about whatever goes on in a game as long as it's fun to play.

I forgot my point...oh yeah...I agree with Patrick, I really liked Connor as a character, he wasn't one of the drawbacks in the game. As badass as Ezio is, it was time to move on from him, and I liked starting out as a stubborn kid who came from nothing, had all odds against him, etc. It was a refreshing change of pace after playing as Ezio, basically the Bruce Wayne of the Renaissance, for three games straight (although three amazing games).

But to hell with the first game, ACIII was certainly disappointing but definitely not a bad game and still light years beyond AC 1.

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really I don't give a damn. Nintendo characters, Sony characters...who gives a shit, Smash Bros. is the most overrated "fighting game" of all time anyway. I understand it's not a traditional fighting game, and maybe that's why I think it's so lame (and the high ratio of lame-ass characters to decent ones). Honestly Soul Calibur V (def. not the best fighting game) is better as a party game than Smash Bros. in my opinion...and from my experiences.

This is a nice idea, but like Smash Bros., probably better on paper (again, in my opinion).

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@TheHBK: Well there was that TMNT fighting game right? That was just Smash Bros. with Ninja Turtles. Or maybe it never even got released, I almost feel like I'm making it up because I'd seen so little of it.

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Bad comedies are the worst kind of bad movie to me, because with bad drama or action or whatever there can still be be some entertainment value ("The Room", for example). But bad comedy is just painful. And when a bad comedy is based on an unfunny, one-note SNL character(s) at makes it that much more painful.. Something like "A Night at the Roxbury" jumps to mind.

That's something I've always noticed...a movie that fails at being dramatic (or even one that fails at being scary) can often be very funny. "The Room" is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and unintentionally so.

When a movie's primary goal is to make you laugh, but doesn't...then it's fucking useless. It's more pathetic than anything, there's just no entertainment value. Lame jokes, and desperate attempts at gross-out humor make me cringe. Terrible dialogue and trite "drama," that stuff is often very very funny to me. But put that in a bad comedy, and,'s often even worse.

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It feels so cliche in saying this, but Twilight 2...and yeah that's the only one I've seen. My girlfriend at the time tried to reassure me that it "wasn't that bad," but in hindsight she's a fucking moron and so am I. I thought I would get a good laugh out of it...maybe once or twice I laughed at the terrible effects or some of the shitty dialogue, but overall, I felt depressed by how bad it was. I remember being so baffled, trying to explain it to friends, mostly I just said "I don't even consider this a movie." "Then what is it?" "I have no fucking idea."

My best friend had seen it (because of girlfriend, again), and I said it's the worst movie I've ever seen, and even though he hated it too he was like "no way." I was like "name a movie that's worse than that." He couldn't, and he told me he'd get back to me. That was over a year ago.

There are movies that are considered "worst ever," like Troll 2, The Room, etc., and I can admit that movies like that are definitely more ineptly made than any Twilight movie, but I'm entertained by those awful movies. Movies like Troll 2 are well-known, and enjoyed, BECAUSE they are terrible. The Twilight series is well-known and very beloved by tons of people, genuinely, unironically, and all because...well I have no fucking idea.

And the Twilight epidemic, at one point in my life, was just too girlfriend at the time wasn't the only one who liked the series, that I knew of...her mom's friends...yeah, grown women, loved the series. One of them loved, not Robert Pattinson, she loved the character, the idea, of Edward. And I mean like, wanted him to exist and bite her and probably fuck her, who knows. But at least people are reading, right? Ugh...

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I don't have a Vita...fuckin' 19.99 for twelve characters? Honestly, if it were anyone but Capcom, I'd hate that. But fuck Capcom for knowing all my weaknesses. I just paid like...I dunno, 1.99 for Kazuya's alternate costume? And that was me exercising my best self-control...I almost paid for Sagat's as well. God I hope Dragunov appears playable on the Tekken side...and Yang (among others) on the Street Fighter side.


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I read this spoiler-filled conversation, so my comment could potentially also contain spoilers, but I have no idea because I'm not a Mass Effect fan. Just a friendly warning.

Although I hate the Mass Effect series (believe me, I've tried, hard, to get into it), and I hate the fact that I have to hear about other people complaining about this shit constantly, even outside my circle of gaming friends, I did enjoy reading that. I mean I didn't read it all, but now that I know why fans are bitching, it makes me respect BioWare more. Even from the small amount of time I spent playing Mass Effect 3, and the rest of the series, I got the feeling that they are trying to tell me something with this story. I mean, me, from the very fucking start...of a series I know almost nothing about, knew that they were trying to show me that bad shit is going to happen no matter what. At a certain point, it's out of your hands. Even if that flies directly in the face of what the fans expect, that's pretty cool, I have to admit, and even cooler that with the ending they seem to have stuck with that theme or overall message. Maybe me viewing this from the perspective of an outsider who has really no emotional investment in the story was beneficial to actually seeing what they were trying to say (before the title card even shows up), but this is before any real gameplay and I knew that I wasn't somehow being "punished" for my dialogue choices.

Even if the fans are always right, you know what, screw 'em. I like that he brought up Twin Peaks, because that was only a two-season run, but a lot of people were so emotionally invested that by the second half of the season they were appalled by many of the creative choices. Even though I loved the series even after it "jumped the shark," it ended up being killed probably by its poor time slot which it earned probably because one of its co-creators decided that they "owed it to the fans" to reveal a key piece of information which David Lynch never intended to reveal, and again this was revealed halfway during only its second season. Even though I remained loyal to the series throughout, and I liked where it was headed, it would be cooler probably if we ended up with at least a third season. Because its cancellation led to a few things which just frustrate me to no end even today: one being that, among tons of unanswered questions from the second season, the series ended with one of the coolest, darkest, least expected cliffhangers I've ever seen, and it will NEVER BE RESOLVED. Part of the fun of anything David Lynch-related is not knowing anything for certain. But the fact remains that this ending was meant to be resolved at some point, it wasn't a series finale (intentionally at least).

I wanted more. So much more. At this point, I was insatiable, though. And you know what, I did get the form of a movie that was supposed to resolve a lot of the unanswered questions from the series, yet remains today probably the only David Lynch movie I can't stand. I had multiple complaints, like everyone else: first, it just didn't feel like the series. It wasn't on TV, so they had more artistic license, which is fine, but not many of the series' best characters returned. And when they did, it was very brief and they seemed completely different from their TV counterparts, not displaying any characteristics which made fans grow to love them. I mean, most of this was due probably more to the fact that most of the actors themselves hated the direction the series took, and others didn't want to be typecast. Also, it just made no fucking sense...and I'm speaking as someone who often likes movies because they make no fucking sense. I like being mystified, and having just a vague picture of the puzzle. Most people want all the pieces and want to know where they go. I guess the movie was lacking in my eyes due to my own sense of fan entitlement, which I usually make fun of people for displaying. It was the fact that I had those two seasons of awesomeness which caused me to form expectations. Almost every other David Lynch movie, going in, you can really only expect one's going to be fucking weird, creepy, and sometimes maybe even funny but most likely in a very disturbing way. But, screw what I think. Yeah, even for the conclusion of a series most beloved by me, I'm not one to say "this is how it should have ended." It's fine, and really involuntary, for fans to build expectations, but I like two things about the Twin Peaks movie: it didn't seem to feel beholden to the fans and didn't make compromises based on them and their expectations (the compromises were made more because of the actors' wants and expectations, actually, but still, they were instrumental in creating the series at least), and's a David Lynch movie. I hate it, but it's at least another glimpse into this man's fucked-up head. I also like the fact that it torments over-analyzing viewers by explaining things in great detail only up to a certain point, so they feel like "yeah, I'm finally understanding everything" and then it just puts in something without explanation that totally throws them off (the "blue flower" for example)

Moreso than any other medium, it feels like fans of videogame series seem to know exactly how their favorite franchises should play out. Actually, just last night, a GameStop employee was explaining to me in great detail how he wanted Assassin's Creed III. He had details like how he wanted it to be in Victorian England, what historical characters he wanted to see, and even details like the characters name. He wanted him to be named "Jack," and I gotta admit, his reasoning for even this minor detail made a lot of sense. His whole "pitch" was actually pretty good to the point where I half-jokingly said "can I use that?" He had obviously put a lot of thought into it, and the idea even sounded a game I'd want to play. But he didn't create this scenario because he dislikes the current one, and he admitted he's excited to play AC3 when it comes out, because honestly, there's no way Ubisoft could have read his mind and put all those ideas into play, and even so, where would he be then? Suing them for stealing his ideas? Or would he be so glad that they hit every plot point exactly how he wanted?

In conclusion, on a sort of related note, I love Nolan's Batman films. I can't wait to see the next one. But I'm telling you now, Bruce Wayne will die. How do I know? Well, I don't. I just think it's the only thing that makes sense to end this trilogy. Will fans be upset? Yes. Will I be upset if Nolan doesn't end up killing off Bruce Wayne? Probably not. I have theories on what will happen in the movie, and how Bane and Selena Kyle gets involved, what happened to the Joker, etc. But, y'know, it's not my story. I'm not as creative as Nolan and his team. I don't care if I'm wrong about everything. If I hate the next movie, it won't be because my "predictions" and "expectations" were wrong, it will be for some other reason...something that would make the movie totally suck, and for that I have no predictions thus far.

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I liked The Patriot too, strangely enough. Although, I haven't seen it since it was in theaters ( a damn long time ago) and I was probably twelve or something, but I have fond memories of Mel Gibson going overkill with tomahawks, protecting his sons or some shit. I think that was a Roland Emmerich movie, and in my opinion maybe his only good movie. I mean he did Godzilla (1998), Independence Day, etc. etc., I think 2012, just anything involving the whole world blowing up or being eaten that totally sucked was his fault.

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I really don't know enough about the Vita at all, and it may be too soon to tell whether it's worth the money or not, but I was wondering what people think about it as of now.

I wouldn't say I'm not a handheld kinda guy, but the last portable system I owned was a DS Lite, and over Christmas I did consider buying a 3DS. However, I'm kinda in love with my PS3 and most Sony products now. I love the functionality, and of course the great PS3 exclusive games. But I'm not here to argue one console over the other, in fact I used to bash the PS3 myself, but only because I was pissed off because MGS4 was never coming to XBox, and I was convinced the console was overpriced, until I finally bought one after an unplanned six-month hiatus from gaming.

I've never owned a PSP, but I found its uses in conjunction with the PS3 to be intriguing. The Vita seems to be taking all of that to a new level, and most of the games look incredible and pretty much (in some cases) about as visually impressive as their PS3 counterparts (of course on a much smaller screen).

I do intend to do some googling on this matter, but this is also an important part of my research. Much appreciated.