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#1 Posted by Needle (65 posts) -

Just as a side note, if you were listening to this live, the host would occasionally talk sports with a guy who was so old and mindless that I thought he may drop dead in the middle of breaking down yesterday's Vikings game. It was completely surreal and I kind of wished I had recorded some of that as well....

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As noted on his Twitter, Jeff was briefly (about 3 minutes) interviewed on a rather generic CBS-owned AM radio station based out of Minneapolis, MN. The interview was about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which is of course releasing at Midnight tonight.

I took the liberty of taping the interview, the MP3 is available below to anyone who cares.

Honestly, the interview is not terribly exciting or insightful, but you can tell that Jeff is trying REALLY HARD to keep concepts simple for the host, who is clearly a man who has been hosting an obsolete AM radio station for far too long.

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Good evening friends --

Just joined up on this project, still reading the thread to see what direction everything is headed. I'm a 2D animator by trade, but not professionally. That said, I'm more or less looking to be a between-the-lines grunt for this project - coming up with crazy monster and encounter designs or perhaps dabbling in some level design. I'll be keeping my eye on this project, and when the call out for crazy ass "Giant Eyeballs with thirteen hands and forty-five mouths that spit acid blood" comes my way, rest be assured I'll be on the scene.

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So I'm in the market for a chair, mostly for gaming purposes. My previous chair was bought when I was about 14 years old. Now, I'm 34, so I'm pretty happy with the mileage I squeezed out of the previous chair, but fact of the matter is I'm getting old(er) and I need something with a little more support.

I'm not too worried about price range. I figure saving my back and spine is probably worth spending a few extra dollars.

Anyone got a sweet-ass chair they can recommend to me? I want to game in style, and keep my frail old-man body from exploding into fire and brimstone.

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Big designer, bigger personality. Now that he's out of Epic, I can't wait to hear what he's got to say without the chains of a PR spokesperson holding him to the wall.

Of course there's the chance he just retires with the Bioware doctors and brews beer till the end of his days...

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I really want to play Mirror Wars. After a little bit of exploration, the site is pretty much locked down to prevent foreigners from getting in. That's too bad.

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@TruthTellah said:

@Needle: What's your stream? Congrats!

I stream at - I've been streaming a ton of Spelunky lately, as it's easy to set up and people seem to enjoy watching it. I probably streamed about 5 hours of it yesterday alone!

@ajamafalous: Not sure what the "correct" way to beat him is as my bombing technique has proven to be pretty effective, however baiting Olmec and have him slam hard into the ground will cause him to dig his own hole over a long period of time. It seems super risky though. Consequently enough, this is the same way you beat Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros. 3!

@Snotty: Couldn't agree more with your statement. I usually start strong and get progressively more sloppy as each game session goes on. It really does pay to take breaks to refocus. Also yes, these days I seem to die a lot chasing side objectives, especially when it comes to robbing the black market. :) I'd probably have finished this game two or three more times if I wasn't so reckless about getting to the City of Gold.

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Here's your official Iron Man thread!

It took me about 200 deaths before I managed to get from 1-1 to 4-4 in one go. After that it took me another 50 or so before I was able to do it again. The catch is, the second time I happened to be streaming live and caught it all on video!

Anyone else manage to put a wrap on this game yet? Leaderboards suggest the amount of people who have completed it is pretty low. I'm still working on some of the extra content, like the City of Gold, etc.

#9 Posted by Needle (65 posts) -

I just beat the game last night, mostly on a super lucky run, but after putting 250+ plays in, I figured I should contribute a little:

  • Climbing gloves are awesome, but the jetpack is incredible. Specifically in the ice caves, which tend to be more wide open, the jetpack will allow for very easy and fast navigation, allow you simple access to the Mothership exits, and keep you from falling down the endless abyss. In addition, it replaces the parachute as an easy avoidance for long falls.
  • Items the shopkeeper sells get more expensive as the levels progress. Spending more time collecting money in the Mines and using it to purchase the key items you need will always pay off down the line.
  • Killing a Giant Spider in the mines will give you cash and Paste. Paste makes your bombs sticky, and consequently, sticky bombs make for a great weapon against most large enemies (and the shopkeeper too).
  • If you see the Queen Bee and you have a good long distance weapon like the shotgun or sticky bombs, go for the kill. the Queen Bee drops Royal Honey, which is worth a ton of life points (4 I believe).
  • Want an easy way to kick off your shopkeeper killing spree? Find one that is selling a machete and purchase it. Walk right up to the shopkeeper and start slamming him with the machete as quickly as possible. You'll stun lock him and score the kill.
  • Life becomes increasingly pointless as the game progresses,. as more of the obstacles / enemies can kill you in one shot.
  • Look around the "Restless Dead" level for a large grave monument - you can see a skeleton wearing a crown underneath. The crown is worth a ton of cash and only requires one bomb.
  • Got to Olmec with a ton of bombs left over? Use them liberally to avoid a lengthy fight. Need more bombs? Go above him with ropes / climbing glove / jetpack to find tons of bombs and cash.
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Well hot damn! Free stuff is my favorite kind of stuff, unless the free stuff is BEES.

My steam ID is linearice. Have at you!

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