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I wish people would stop acting like this isn't just a desperate grab for attention. Even Patrick knows that Fish is going to turn around within a month at best and spout some fuck the haters speech because he's the face of video games and everyone can suck his dick, especially his fans for ever daring to doubt his commitment to creating the Mona Lisa of video games.

Phil Fish embodies everything that's wrong with the industry right now - an entitled, self-important developer who reacts to any criticism by insulting his fanbase, refuses to acknowledge or amend any of his game's shortcomings, and focuses on gimmicks over gameplay while accusing his competitors of doing the same or worse. This, and he believes he's one of the greatest developers of all time.

He's probably just pissed that the Fez 2 announcement didn't cause everyone to spontaneously jizz their pants and preemptively award him IGF's GOTY for 2014-2016.

(game to be released 2019)