Episode One of Indie Land is done!

My friend Ryan and I have started a show about independent games around the Boston area called Indie Land. I posted the interview with Fire Hose Games earlier but here is the whole first episode! Check it out!


Fire Hose Games interview

Hey, my friend and I are starting a show about independent game developers around the Boston area called Indie Land. Here is a sneak preview of the first episode that will be on youtube next week, we interviewed Fire Hose Games about PAX, Go Home Dinosaurs, Sony, and ice cream.


Summer of Bioware Update

School is done! I'm going to be starting this up next week starting with Baldur's Gate. Instead of reviewing a game when I finish it, I'm going to be giving out updates whenever I feel like it's necessary


Summer of Bioware

I am fascinated by the evolution of Bioware. The company started with a few people and has grown into a brand, with many different companies branded with the Bioware name. I'm dedicating my summer to playing and reviewing the games of Bioware, starting with Baldur's Gate and ending with Mass Effect 3, sharing my views on the company's evolution along the way.

There are some rules however, I will not be going into expansion pack. I will also not review Shattered Steel and MDK 2, as I am more focused on the comapany's development as a RPG maker. Since I can not complete The Old Republic, I will put in as many hours as needed to create a verdict on the game, however many that will be.

I will start this as soon as I can, with finals ending on May 8th I will try to have a review of Baldur's Gate as soon as possible.

Follow my blog for the reviews of the games