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I'm pumped to see a playthrough of it. I recently replayed 2 and 3, and really wanted to play 4 again for the first time since it came out. But my PS3 died, and it disappeared from PSnow (#1 reason I would try the service) so I'm kind of out of luck.

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I've been playing through all the Metal Gear Solid games to get pumped up for MGSV, but Peace Walker is really bumming me out. It's my first time playing it and I am having a very tough time pushing myself to play it. I've been having fun with the standard sneak around missions, but things get too frustrating with the boss fights. Most of them haven't been that hard until near end, but they are all just sooooo boring. Fighting AI vehicles isn't as interesting as the groups of villains of the other games. I'm at a point now where I have to grind the Outer Ops and the Mother Base metagame to be able to stand a chance against the second Peace Walker fight, and I'm just not sure if I want to do that for a game where I just want the story.

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Can it be played online on the Vita/PSP? I'm super stuck at the second Peace Walker fight and am not in the mood to have to grind a ton.

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It was the stand offs, we took a few off and it works perfectly. Thanks everyone!

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@fritzdude: hmmmm, we did use all of the stand off screws so that sounds like that could be it. Thanks!

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@jams: Tried the stock heatsink and a separate one I bought, both worked outside the case

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I got all of my parts together and my friend said he'd help me with the build. We spent all day putting it together, but we keep hitting this weird issue. Whenever we try to boot it up, it goes for about half a second then shuts down.

We have tried a bunch of different tests to figure out the problem. We tried removing everything down to the basic components needed to run, and it still happened. During that test we tried each stick of RAM, his RAM, with and without the graphics card, and still face the same issue. Things got weird when we took everything out of the case, and it booted just fine. It even worked when we put all the pieces together outside of the case.. So we tried putting it into his case (he has the same one as me) and the issue happened again. So it has to be either the power supply or motherboard.

This weekend we are going to try running it outside of the case with the power supply in the case, and try running it with new screws, holds in the case, and with rubber washers between the scews/holds.

If it still does this we are going to RMA/return the motherboard and power supply, but before we do all this I was wondering if you guys had any ideas about what could be the issue?

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WNUF is a better experience than a movie. Buying it on VHS, finding and hooking up my VCR, getting some friends together in the dark, and watching this "bootleg" tape was really. really fun. The movie itself wasn't very scary, and the commercials got pretty annoying. I don't know if that experience will hold up a second time, but I'll try it again.

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@hone_mcbone: I'll look into it. I'm mostly worried that it might act weird with Adobe CC stuff, since I'm also buying this to work from home some days