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Nah Susie best scout and girl. Doesn't get better than saying "I'm a pacifist!" right before she shoots some dude in the face.

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Make a new one for current gen Sega. Do it! Playing through it again on PC, still like this game a whole lot. Susie best scout!

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So Halo is just like every other FPS that comes out nowadays cool. Won't be getting it.

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Anybody else have the sync game option take a shit? I have a pretty good run going on Vita that I want to finish on my PS4, but the sync option won't work anymore...

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Playing it on Non-Stop Infinite Climax and will probably be my game of the year. Only Guilty Gear Xrd has a chance to take the title.

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Love this game I'll be down to play it again on PC. Now please make a new version on PS4.

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After a few hours of playtime it's pretty fun. Really wish I was playing it with a DS4 though so getting this on PS TV might be the way to go.

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Black Ops 2 after skipping the previous two. Lets just say I'm glad I have Gamefly. I get to play this one a bit before I say "Yep, same old shit" and send it back.

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Picked it up, for $20 why not?

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Yup, looks like one of those games that will be great to play for a bit before bed.