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I'm sure they're out there, but I don't know anyone personally who is younger and likes JRPGs.

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@dratter: It's from the latest JBL and Cole Show they do on YouTube. Just look up WWE and you'll find it.

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Fuck, man. Literally a day after he appeared on Raw for the first time in years. It just seems like a cruel joke that he passed just like that. Rest in peace, Warrior. And condolences to his daughters and wife.

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Hooooly shit, I just looked up Kaiju Big Battel and just see Godzilla style monsters mixed with wrestling. Why is this the first I'm hearing about this!? Definitely staying up for this one.

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@manmadegod said:

There seems to be a lot of interest in WWE right now not just from the long time fans, but from old fans coming back. My question is this:

Assume Daniel Bryan doesn't win the title. Lets say he gets pinned by Batista in the main event and they start a feud. Will everyone's interest in WWE drop off? Or are all the people currently hooked going to stay on board regardless?

Honestly, most people that are really into wrestling will probably keep watching because they think WWE is their only option for wrestling. Others might watch to see the fallout of pissed off fans.

I would watch to see how Batista would handle the new level of hate he gets. But then that's their game, hardcore fans can be led or tricked into watching.

That said, I'm pretty excited for Sunday after not caring about WM for so long.

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Not much really. We went out to the get pizza from down the street and ate it around a bonfire. Lots of laughs and bathroom breaks. That said I dislike drinking so I've never taken it to a point of not remembering what I did.

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I fucking love the irony in this so much. Yee has proven once again that most politicians are scum.

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I'm so confused right now.

Side note: I want a feature of Vinny attempting to draw anime as hell characters.

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Anyone else having trouble loading chat?