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Finished Durarara and thought it was mixed. The ambiguous plot in the first half with threads that come together is a cool idea. I just don't think they pulled it off. It did keep my attention by the end though, and I'm still willing to start season 2.

Psycho Pass 2 also done. It's still a really good and super cool concept.

Currently working through Darker than Black and, despite my apprehension to starting a long show, watching Hunter X Hunter too. Both seem pretty cool so far.

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Bless this man for coming out with that amazing/dumb pitch video. This definitely has my backing.

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Nice work, duder. It's always really cool to see the talents of the community on display.

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I haven't been able to watch it yet. I've been a fan since season 2 and it has remained on my must watch shows each season since. I'll definitely miss the writing and characters, but all good things must end.

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Man, the first one was goddamn magical. I know that a block party thing would be crazy again, but it would be the most entertaining thing.

Also, is there really not an archive of the first one anywhere? The one archive was on, which has long since been lost.

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Another one from the Gamespot mass migration. Though I didn't make an account until much later, I've pretty much been around since the first blog version of the site.

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I finally got around to finishing Tokyo Ghoul season 2 (I refuse to call it squared A). Watched it based on a recommendation from a friend and, man, did they forget to put the rest of the plot in? I feel like they were rushed, didn't have budget or something. Other than the action scenes, I didn't care for the characters or story at all.

But I also got to finish Parasyte, which was a lot more enjoyable. I thought it did a pretty good job pacing wise and developed the main characters. The premise was really cool and really helped keep me hooked into the story. My only complaint was that it got a pretty philosophical and almost preechy at the end.

Off to start up Durarara and Psycho Pass 2. I might also look into Jojo since it seems to be getting love around here.

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Edit: found it.

Just have to say how satisfied I was with the show. There are a few things I would've changed (Seriously, fuck Big Show), but it was better than it had any right to be based on the buildup.

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I've been looking to buy one for months now. Finally have some money set aside for one, so I'll have one any day now. I haven't had a Nintendo console besides a Gamecube period, so it'll be nice to experience some games for the first time. I was gonna get one for Xenoblade and Zelda anyway, but I'll be fine with the lack of games coming out for it.

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So I've been wondering this too. I pasted the URL poste above but that feed is old premium stuff. Any help?