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Great. Works out better as my semester will be over around the time it's released now.

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This has been one of the weirdest, most entertaining few weeks as a wrestling fan. That WWE press release cracked me up.

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I mean it's Square's MO. They will continue to whore out the FF games everyone loves. What I don't actually know is why this version is supposed to mean anything (coming from Square's perspective). Does it add anything from the PSN version already up? Otherwise I'll stick to my copy on Vita.

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@adamantypants said:

@athleticshark: They're listed for over 10k on ebay.

With ACTUAL bids. Over 150 people bidding on one right now that is over 15k

This just makes me sad. I wish there was a way for things like this be guaranteed to people who aren't looking to take advantage.

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Inevitably I have to skip parts of them every year because I still haven't gotten around to playing games, but I alway enjoy this time of the year. Some good old arguing and nitpicking to decides lists.

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That sounds awful. I'm happy for people who genuinely enjoyed the game, but man, am I glad that I skipped out on Destiny and the hype train. Even reading that explanation for me, as someone who hasn't played the game and has no context for what it means, makes it sound infuriating.

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Not sure if I ever posted on here before. But I've avoided multiplayer bc I haven't had a headset until now. Anyway:

PSN: NegativeCero

Timezone: Eastern US

Games: GTA5, The Last of Us Remastered, Diablo 3 (is on the way), PS+ (I can lose at Injustice a whole bunch now!)

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Colt Cabana's pt 2 with CM Punk is up. Still haven't listened, but it broke Colt's website again. Working on Soundcloud, though.

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Nope. I'm okay, Ubisoft.

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I recently subscribed (before the sale, which was a little annoying) because I noticed I hadn't seen the guys actual faces on live shows in a while. This sounds weirder than I mean it, but I just found it odd.