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I expect we'll be seeing a lot of them after The Last of Us and GTA5, which is great for me because I haven't played either of those games. I'm hoping for plenty of PS3 games done on PS4 since I never had the previous console.

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Because they feel their opinion matters. It's fine if you dislike it, but don't try to put down the sport or people who enjoy it. I've had a blast watching the World Cup so far.

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@ninja said:

@corruptedevil said:

@giganteus: There isn't 2, GB VinnCo is dead. It was alpha only.

There isn't 2... yet!

Oh god, GB civil war brewing?

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For me this video helped explain the whole hatred of the guy. I didn't pay attention to the drama after he cancelled Fez II, so I had no idea how far back the whole thing went. I really like his analogy to Nickelback in the video.

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I literally cannot imagine him going somewhere else. All the best to him though.

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Requested to join. ID is NegativeCero.

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I preordered Destiny based on what I've played in the alpha. I'm going to be playing a lot of it, especially if they support it over a long period of time. It's also one of the games actually coming out this year with a solid release date.

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Amazon just sent me an extra code (US). PM me if anyone wants it. First come, first serve.

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I don't know. My thing is that needing a female playable character in AC is dumb to complain about, it's just their bullahit excuse of doubling their workload that bothers me. Other than that I think the whole controversy is unnecessary.

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I probably stopped collecting by the time the first season of characters changed. It was a fun game, but I just get the impression that it's become super complicated. Good for you for keeping up on it though.