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I am just waiting for the community to jump on the hate train with the new guys like the did with Patrick.

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@turboman: God damn it. I'll be up doing homework. Guess I'm tuning in.

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Lately? 3-4 due to school. Can't wait until 3 weeks from now.

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@viciousbearmauling: You know what, you're probably right about Chrono Cross. I tried it a long time ago and just remember getting lost and having no idea what was going on. I still feel like I need definitive proof of whether I hated it or if I just had a short attention span at the time.

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I bought Chrono Cross and Muramasa. I'll probably break down and get Ys: Memories of Celceta before this is over too.

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@krullban said:

The Shield granted their first make a wish!

Ambrose's face is the best thing in this photo.

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Oh, thank god. I've been getting eBay listings on it for a while, but never pulled the trigger because people will price gouge the fuck out of you. I don't even care if its the same bad translation if they just put it out.

Also, this means that it'll be available on Vita too? (Don't have a PS3)

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I'm glad that you're on the road to accepting yourself. It takes courage to do so, and I imagine tons more to do it on a public forum like this. I hope you continue taking steps and eventually feel comfortable enough to tell your loved ones.

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They're the kind of thing I'll eat maybe a couple and regret my decision.