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I don't have a problem not checking in for a good while, but it's become an integral news source for me. The world is kinda crazy right now, and while it's sad that internet assholes are ruining peoples lives, it doesn't really register for me as being super important in the grand scheme. Basically I don't give much thought to Internet drama.

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I did, but haven't played much of it. I'm pretty much having the "I have no idea what I'm doing" experience right now. Really bummed about the translation, but I still bought in so they (hopefully) bring the sequel over too.

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Whoo! Good for the Caravellas.

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Good on you. This has quickly become one of my favorite anime series in recent memory. It's on the short list of ones I will re-watch, which I almost never do. It just felt like one of the experiences that felt like a fun ride when you're done. Still have to watch Gurren Lagann though.

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You're honestly better off not seeking it out. At least not on GB, because it's almost certainly gonna get locked. Just know that the internet is being a vile place right now.

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I just came to say that seeing BOB on the show gave me nightmares when I finally got around to watching it recently. Still have to watch Fire Walk With Me.

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I honestly haven't been getting much use out of it in terms of games. Also if you have a Vita, remote play is pretty great. I've mostly been using it to watch stuff on Amazon Video and Crunchyroll.

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This tournament is a nightmare to my sleep schedule. I'm still playing catch up, so I'll probably opt for sleep and finish watching on my own time.

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Twitch is dead. These changes all sound horrible.

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You know what, more power to people who like it and Kim. I just find the whole celebrity culture thing gross and unnecessary. For me, the Kardashians are the perfect embodiment of that because of how they came to be known (the sex tape and reality shows)-- becoming rich and famous for basically nothing. So I just personally refuse to support something like that in any way, down to a weirdly popular free-to-play game. Which is okay because other than whenever I check out what Kanye West is up to, I almost never have to be made aware of their stuff.