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@ChrisLoserkiD: Wow, that is actually useful. Do you know if there is a higher resolution version? It's pretty blurry.


For future reference, if you see an image posted on the forums that ends with "_super", remove that part of the URL to view a higher resolution version of the image.

I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

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We wouldn't have been introduced to the awesomeness that is Dave and Drew and their taste in games. Especially Dave and his PC games I've never heard of.

Also this:

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The Persona 4 Endurance Run would not exist and that is a world I want no part of.

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@ChrisLoserkiD: Wow, that is actually useful. Do you know if there is a higher resolution version? It's pretty blurry.

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Both because I'm a loser.

That's crazy, why would you do that? Can't you trade online for the things you're missing?

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@Phatmac: You just convinced me to buy Bowser's Inside Story. It would've happened sooner or later, but I'm excited.

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Store an insane amount of porn? Also, games.

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Personally the only game coming out for Vita that I'm interested in is Dragon's Crown. That compared to the 3DS, which will get Layton, Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem makes the decision pretty easy. The only other thing the Vita has that interests me is the backlog of PS1 and PSP games.

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In no particular order:

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Dragon Age: Origins


And these would probably change at any point because it is super tough choosing.

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I though the only fun part of GTA IV's multiplayer was the free roam create chaos with no real goal side. All the racing and whatever else felt not especially fun to me.

As for Red Dead, I loved playing co-op and taking down the enemy strongholds along with just griefing each other. But I absolutely hated the deathmatch games because I don't feel like the games Rockstar makes are well suited for that.

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As people have mentioned, there has to be a foundation in the player caring about the characters involved to ultimately care whether the relationship between two is closer. There has to be emotional impact basically, and that is something that almost no games pull off. That said, I would love to see games mature enough to get to that point.