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No, I don't trust him either. My two cents is that people feel burned by Obama's unfulfilled promises he made 4 years ago and they want someone new to believe in, even if that is Romney. Personally I feel like it's fine if you change your stance on things (flip-flopping as people have called it), but at a certain point it just feels like they'll immediately change back after winning.

Basically I've been following politics closely this time around because it's the first time I'll get to vote, but goddamn, I hate politics after watching this crap.

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I don't think the state will get its money back. This case seems flimsy to me.

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I would rather see Marvel characters show up. Or, you know, actual news on KH3.

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Good to see he's got some work now.

Also, am I wrong or was the "Boss of Bosses" thing only one video on Gamespot that somehow stuck?

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@psylah said:

Quests will ruin this site.

Oh come on, they're not destroying anything.

Hello, new guy.

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Sure, why not? Maybe they'll make an amazing Star Wars movie since George Lucas wants nothing to do with the franchise anymore.

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Be a dick and ive them candy cor because fuck candy corn.
Give* corn* Lack of mobile edits once again.
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Be a dick and ive them candy cor because fuck candy corn.

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I've been pretty lucky to still have power, but the roof tiles have been flying off a section of the roof. Sandy is ruining my week.

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Fucking Chucky ruined me as a kid. Any slasher film I happened to catch when I was younger was terrifying, but a killer doll scared the hell out of me.

Edit: Forgot the actual name of the movie was Child's Play.