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 My Office System.

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The Xbox Live Rewards program is still running... once in a while I get e-mail notifications on the status and amount of point I'm getting. I think the last one I got was for 240msp.

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Really like the music from the trailer.

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I will, once SP1 for Win7 will be out.

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I weekly check to see what Marketplace has to offer... be it Movies or TV Shows. I pretty much have every HD episode of South Park. :)
I wonder though, the movie rental, is it going to be Streaming only or I will have an option to download and play of the HD. 'cause, I can't stream with my connection, which is one of the reason I can't use the Netflix on 360. My Cable pretty much hits Dial-Up territory between 6pm-1am. :( So I usually set things to download over night and while I'm at work.

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Sigh, still waiting for my copy from NewEgg... they have not shipped it yet. :(

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Planescape: Torment --  as to why: story and setting.

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To me it seems like both companies were successful at what they set out to do. That said, I have do give a nod to Forza! While they did show off the Ferrari 
458 Italia, they also included glimpse of Ferrari's evolution. Sort of like giving credit to the past but never stopping looking toward the future.
One thing is for sure, I can't wait to play both games.
 "Ferrari 458 Italia availible for download this Holiday"... :\

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Sigh... it was bound to happen. It makes it easier, hoping that ER will continue with something else.

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