Good memories

I've been making some contributions to the site today and being well aware that most of the submissions will be for those cult titles or recent high profile titles, I decided to dig into my distant gaming past. My first experiences with video games were with the old Atari 2600 with it's fake wood veneer and another similar console of which I can remember very little.

Best game ever ...then.
I remember it had about 10 sports games, didn't take cartridges (at least I don't think so) and was a kind of grey and beige. Of course I could be making much of what I've mentioned up, when my memory fails I have a tendency to fill the gaps with fictional events and then I'm unable to distinguish these memories from the factual ones. It was neither of these however that I chose for my first submissions but the ZX Spectrum, of which I have great memories and still posess many of the numerous magazines I used to eagerly seek out on the shelves of the newsagents here in the UK. The ZX Spectrum was the machine that most people played games on in the early 80's in the UK and while browsing for information on games, I rediscovered titles that I had completely forgotten I had ever played. Despite having no memory of the games seeing just the box art immediately conjured happy memories of playing them all those years ago.
That green stuff is food.
He can change into a bird!!

Took a great deal of effort not to revisit the games as I have done in the past many times discovering old titles. It inevitably leads to disappointment as few games are as good as we remember. Sometimes the only way we can appreciate some of these older games is just to have been there at the time, seen it when it was cutting edge, a new experience.

- Must resist playing "Alchemist" for the ZX Spectrum.


Further thoughts on Giant Bomb site

It would be nice to have the option so that you could set up your own colours for the site. comicvine has the same all black style on the main page but then going into the site the text is black on a white background. To have the option to change the main part of the page white would be a nice addition.

-Just listened to the bombcast and found that white pages are coming.


Giant Bomb shows huge potential is looking incredible. I'm loving the clean design of the site and how community centric it is, with members being able to contribute to the site in such an open way. Hats off to all those moderators because that can't be an easy job. I've been finding the site a little slow and unresponsive but no doubt this will improve in the coming days and weeks. A big concern is I remember from an episode of the bombcast that the site was going to be funded via advertising as opposed to a subscription. I like the site just the way it is and would rather pay a subscription and avoid the advertising if that were ever an option.