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My thoughts go out to Ryan Davis's close friends, family and wife at this time. At 38 I've followed Ryan's entire career being a member of gamespot since 1999. I have been an avid listener to the gamespot podcasts and migrated to giant bomb at it's launch. I feel a profound sense of loss so I can only imagine what those who actually knew him are going through. RIP Ryan, you will be missed. One of gaming giant personalities. Love!

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I've been very religious in the past, but then saw the light.

Praise the ....... hmmm

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A great help. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully a fix is not too far off.

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For definite if you're looking for say a,  "Sega Megadrive" and you are not aware that it was referred to as a "Sega Genesis".

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I had a strange dream during a bout of flu when I was 6 years old where I was being chased through pitch black by an Atari 2600.

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Is there a way on giantbomb for users to add platforms. I've looked and searched the forums but if there's a way I've not seen it. I ask on account of the Sega Genesis being in there but not the Sega megadrive. I understand that they were the same console but to most people outside of the US it was known as the megadrive and I wanted to create it and then merge as the same platform as the Genesis. If this can be done could anyone please tell me how?