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While this news is tragic, shocking, and truly unexpected, there is at least one silver lining.

Never have I seen a community (whether physical or virtual) come together like this. The massive amounts of positive comments and outcry from the community about the good of one man is the one thing I never thought I'd see.

Good on you Internets and thank you Ryan Davis for that gift. You will be missed by more people than you ever knew.

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Having actually played this amazing product, everyone appears to be in the game. You play as Han in Chapter 4 where he oddly drives a Challenger and is paired up with Tego (one of the Spanish dudes from Fast and Furious 4 and Fast Five).

The "story" is basically flashbacks of the franchise narrated by the Gina Carano and Eva Mendes characters from the films but definitely not voiced by them. They kind of look like the movie characters though obviously there is no license for said actors.

Anyway the game is terrible but in a really funny way. The first chapter has you driving the flipper cars from Fast and Furious 6 and after I realized you could hit the A button to flip pedestrian vehicles into the sky it got a lot better. The game has no physics engine (or one that is just bad) and I was able to launch vehicles off of the skybox. It was really entertaining.

The "stunt position" of this game made me hit pause and borderline pass out from the lack of oxygen. Your dude rides on top of the car while it is magically pulled alongside an armored car (or tractor trailer). Then you Assassin's Creed style climb on the sides but the animations are so stiff it is just great. You also get a harpoon gun and the aforementioned laser rifle.

I take it back, this game is awesome.

As a note: no one should buy this game but everyone should play it.

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@Rotten_Avocado: Actually the co-op does not scale despite popular belief.

From the amount that I have played the game (12 days and some change last I checked) the server essentially decides on the outset which instance of the mission it will be. I have figured this out based on the spawn points and just the overall amount of enemies during each mission. I have played this game too much.

I have played missions solo and have actually had more enemies than with a full party and vice-versa. The bigger issue is that there doesn't seem to be many variants of each mission so it is very simple to learn the spawn points and triggers. Fun stuff to do is memorize where doors open and throw a couple of grenades in there as they pop. You typically get 3-5 kills and an instant 250 point bonus plus the adrenaline boost is pretty great.

Anyway I still play on the weekends when I have time. I'll probably fire this up over the weekend if I'm home. Long weekends away from work are great.

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@Napalm: Yep. I play on 360.

If that happens and people won't ready up, go to the dashboard and avoid them. Typically the game won't put you in a game with people you avoid though if there is no one else playing then you are screwed. You can also see what mission they are sitting in and just go down the list and try to find another lobby. Also try a different difficulty.

Yes there are jerks that play this game but typically the people on the higher levels love low level people. You will probably die a lot but you can get a ton of points and they will as well. I love low level people since I am constantly getting heal points. Plus you can teach them how not to be poopy at the game since the game does a very poor job of telling you what to do.

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@handlas: You need to do what I do. Random search into a normal game then convince people to up the difficulty.

I checked again on Saturday night and there were people playing all difficulties though a quick gamertag check in this thread showed either people offline or playing something else. I may be on tonight if I don't go out. For sure this weekend in between rounds of the Black Ops 2. I really am liking that game.

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I played a little on Sunday. I checked a few of the gamertags in this thread and no one was online at the time. I'm hoping Christmas gives a few more people to play with. I noticed a couple of new players so I'm hopeful.

I'll be on this weekend. If anyone wants me to show them the ropes or clean up some completions on the higher difficulties let me know.

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Sorry. I only played for about an hour on Saturday and was a little too inebriated to access my computer.

I accepted a couple of invites but I believe one disappeared from my inbox (or I screwed it up and deleted it, my bad). Send me another if I didn't accept yours or more than likely screwed it up and if I see anyone on I'll play for a bit.

I can help get everyone their achievements. Outside of Mozambique and sometimes Colorado I can do all of them on expert by myself so it should be a fun time. Mozambique and Colorado are the exceptions due to having to protect the ship. I can only kill dudes so fast in Expert and the enemies get bored with me so they start dumping on the ship which in turn explodes in like 20 seconds on Expert.

#8 Posted by NeilRapalee (134 posts) -

I'll try to get on this weekend. Been wrapped up in work and Black Ops 2 over the past week.

I played a little Syndicate on Saturday night (inebriated of course) and man the people that were on were not fun at all. I'll try to send out a few invites if I get on. I have to clean up my friends list.

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I was on a few times this weekend. Man the people that play this game now don't know what the left bumper does at all.

I got some great hatemail (in a co-op game which is just kind of sad) because I couldn't revive my team fast enough as they foolishly ran out of my line of sight. I did get tons of points for that savior bonus multiple times so that was cool.

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My gamertag is rapaleeman. I am typically on during the weekends when I'm home. There aren't enough people on during the week to get into games that are actually a challenge or even fun since no one wants to play Expert or even Hard.

If anyone needs help leveling or just want to have a good time let me know. Thanks to the generous auto aim playing this game inebriated is actually quite doable even on the harder difficulties.

Send me an invite or message with giantbomb somewhere in there and we can get down.

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