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My most common is Nostalgia, from Super Meat Boy. Rarest is Can't Touch This, for 27 medals in Game Room on 360. Man, what a waste of cash, but whatever. I loves me all the Centipedes and Millipedes, and they have freaking Pressure Cooker.

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GT: nekobun 
I have a sizable backlog of XBLA titles that could use some online lovin', if anyone's feeling chievo-needy.

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You'd think with the DoubleFine love after Costume Quest, Stacked, and Trenched, stuff Schafer worked on in the past like Grim Fandango and Full Throttle would be more readily available.

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I probably squeeze in at least 20 hours a week. My daily routine tends to firing up the 360 or the PS3 to blow through some stuff while on my stationary bike.

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@MormonWarrior: It's supposed to look hideous, as I believe the concept is supposed to be an abused child's twisted nightmare vision of the world.
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Not offering those GBA titles to anyone, ever, seems sort of suicidal. They'll renege and say they meant they wouldn't offer them free, once they hit the store sometime next year.  Kinda wish I had $250 to blow before the 12th, solely to guarantee myself a copy of Mario Kart Super Circuit, though.

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Gamer, cook, and wannabe writer who's been accumulating systems since 1987. 'sup.

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Still holding out for Doink The Clown.