A fantastic suggestion from the Norwegian Government

 I know this is old news for most Norwegians, but I feel the need to express my feelings towards this. 
The Norwegian parliament put out the budget for 2011 this month. In it there was a suggestion to tax internet services like Spotify, iTunes, Steam, D2D and even e-books. Some of you may be familiar with this in your own countries, but if I told you that they plan on using our current VAT-system, which is a whooping 25%, I'm sure you'd think that it was ridiculous. 
 Not only does this affect the average Joe, but corporations also have to pay the additional fee for software. Just imagine how much softwarelisences for 100s of employees will cost if you add 1/4ths of the base price to the already steep cost of the product you're buying. 
 If this law goes through, our government can expect a rampant rise in piracy that would make Captain Blackbeard blush if he was alive today. 
 I for one will not stand for it if it passes.


Yearly Membership

After much pondering and soulsearching, I decided I wanted a full year membership. Not because I specifically care about the features it has(save the podcast), but the mere thought of Giantbomb turning into a adwhoringsite like GS, GT etc made me do it.  
Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny has brought me so much good content, reviews and EPIC podcasts that I just couldn't abandon them in this time of need.  
I knew that  eventually this free entertainment  would be cluttered with either ads, or had to resort to paid memberships to survive. It's just not possible to run a site on goofyness alone.(Ryan's stock in batmanbatmanbatman inc just wasn't enough) 
So if anyone reading this is thinking that the guys have gone all corporate on us, then you're wrong. 
They just did what they had to do to survive. 
Support our bros, gents. Make sure they make this site Super Gangsta!


Dawn of War 2

I'm almost finished with Dawn of War 2 and what a great game it's been. I've never been this into an RTS since Warcraft 3. Can't wait to play the expansion, since I heard it had some rather interesting new mechanics. Glad I picked this up and not C&C4...

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