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An ultra rare DOTA2 item, huh? Maybe I should actually start crafting. There's no telling how many 'My First RTS By Fisherprice' fans are willing to pawn their mom's Ford Pinto in for a couple of lines of code.

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Stephen Tortilla? But I thought he was out saving damsels from rude internet comments and making click-bait articles on Kotaku. Did he finally see the light. Does he realise that people don't want to hear more about it?

Great, maybe I can visit that smoking ruin of a site again now that the danger is over.

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@beforet: You could always ask for a refund. Selling a broken product on steam is more than enough to warrant that.

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@fantus1984: You should pre-order it right now. It was 13.99€ the last time I checked steam.

Which is basically nothing compared to what I paid for it on console at launch.

You don't really need that much context. Raiden is basically a cyborg now and the gameplay is nothing like the old MGS games. It's very similar to Bayonetta's combat actually(cancelling, witchtime-like etc)

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Stop the clock indeed... 2 years, 3 months ago. New users can't stop necroing. Don't tell me it's still relevant, it's still bad forum etiquette.

@iamjohn: Whoa, whoa, whoa stop the clock.

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Did you play MG:R? Not trying to start shit here, just curious.

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Steam has great support 24/7. Get a ticket.

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Skyrim if you like drakes.

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@ramone: "..Mr President" *Titlecard*

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I don't get why people are upset. It's not like Blizzard would ever do something other than WoW, Starcraft and Diablo these days. Activision have them by the balls and intend to squeeze all the money out of them until they dry up. Small projects with a low profit margin are squashed. Let the fans have their "spiritual successor"

A spiritual successor would be something like Mighty Number no. 9, or even that fantastic looking 3D Chrono Trigger remake that got shut down for no reason when the small team behind was going to release it for free.

This is a company that wanted to make money off of ideas that weren't their's nor was it anything they had a right to.

Don't remind me....