Sora vs Crying Squirrel.

So I am thinking of an avatar change and am unsure to go for my original Sora Icon or stick with my recently changed to Crying Squirrel from Super Meat Boy. 
Discuss. :P


The dreadful Ice dilemma, how you can help us fix it.

 So as some of you may know there is a very dreadful Ice dilemma in hand and it is ruining people's lives and making it harder for us to live each day. If you for some reason are not aware then I shall explain, but please if you are in a happy mood this may wreck your day but people need to be aware.  
In fast food facilities all around the world there is a dreadful issue that is going around for quite a while now and it has yet to be addressed for some strange reason. All around the world people's soft drinks, pop, sodas or whatever the name your country has given these drinks (eg. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew etc) are being filled with too much ice to lessen the amount of the beverage needed to fill up the liquid holder you are drinking out of. Now this is quite the problem as the ice in the substance makes it much more refreshing and desirable however as recent studies have shown, people do not get their wishful amount of liquid due to a large amount of ice. 
What should we do, let the fast food industries push us around? No, I say we do something to help fix the problem. Next time you go to a fast food facility suggest to the local manager and better yet contact the fast food chain yourself given the information used below. For your continence I have used the American information as I feel most of our members here are a resident of the United States. 


Restaurant feedback form. 

More information below in spoiler tag.      


Burger King. 

Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
 Miami, Florida 33126   
More information below in spoiler tag. 


 Restaurant feedback form. (United States)  
Restaurant feedback form. (International)    
 More information below in spoiler tag.    


 Any other violator of this may be contacted by simply using your countries Google and searching the Restaurant name and ''contact us''.  

Thank you for your time and please, help us fix this.    


With DLC rising and publishers such as EA and Activision shoving the content right in our faces, I thought I would write up a blog with my opinions on DLC. 
Lets get started, now to a certain degree I think the DLC is fine but that all comes down to the content. For example the new Halo Map Pack, why would I pay more than I did for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero three maps that should have come out with the game? Now sadly there is nothing I can do, why? Well if I want to play with friends who are most likely getting the map pack I will miss out on playing with them whenever the deiced to go and play on the three new maps. Not to mention that Bungie can and are going to release more map packs then people who don't want to buy them are screwed. Now this doesn't only count for Halo, games like Modern Warfare 2 etc have the same issue. Map packs = dumb.  

 This shit, it ain't cool.
 Now for the DLC that I find to be awesome. Lets take Fallout 3 for example, all the DLC was great. Now why is that you ask? The DLC added even more length to the game that was already there, with new areas, quests and guns and on top of that we got with Broken Still a level cap raise of 30 and brand new packs. In my opinion I would have payed for this as an expansion but it was only DLC. Another prime example of this is Borderland and is the same deal, it actually added something that many people would pay off it added more and not just a map or two, way more. I personally think all games if they are going to release DLC should go on this route instead of little bits and pieces. Okay, let's talk about Mass Effect 2. Now I haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet but the DLC looks good, but is it? As far as I know there is heaps of DLC but it is all in bit and pieces with annoys me. Why not combine them into one thing? For example instead of a mission add a whole other thing like Borderlands and Fallout  did. Now  I may be wrong about Mass Effect 2 but I am just guessing from the press I have seen. 
 This shit, it's cool.
And last but not least, costume packs. Now this is something I think is crazy, it is seen in game like Little Big Planet and Street Fighter and to be honest I just laugh at it. Why would anyone pay money for skins? I just don't understand the logic, it is the same game and the same content but you look different. I have no idea why this stuff comes out, well I do but at least make it free. I mean they taunt me with new skins for characters but goddamit I can't bring myself to pay money for nothing it is as bad as paying for furniture in Home.   
 I want this, I ain't paying.
So what do you guys think about DLC, do you buy it? 
Thanks for reading my blog! ^__^

Quest spam, how to deal with it.

So Quest Spam has been popping up around the site, whether it be blog posts or asking for followers. I have had an idea - 
How about if we have a forum board dedicated to Quest Spam? Not only would this save the mods a lot of time but no one else would complain about it. But what about the front forum page you say? well, it would be super easy for the Giant Bomb guys to hide it. Seeing as I can now go and change the preferences on the front forum page and adjust to what I want I would imagine it being easy to have the Quest Spam board as an option and to set it to ''hide'' be default. 
What do you guys think? maybe it is not necessary but it would save the mods a lot of time by not having to lock spam and would help the community ignore it. 
Thanks for reading.  


The length of Single Player Campaigns has changed, deal with it.

So often I see people complaining about the length of a Single Player campaign. Games like Alan Wake, Most FPS games, Heavy Rain etc And people often see this as a problem. It's not. 
Most games today have been around the same amount of game time, around 6 - 7 hours but I don't see this as a problem...anymore. When it first started sure, it was a problem but now why is it still one? It has changed and has become a standard so when will people stop complaining about it? Is it good or bad? this isn't what his blog is about it is about why scores have been lowered when most non - RPG games are of this length yet people still complain. 
Of course, this is my opinion. When do you guys think it will stop? 
Thanks for reading. ^__^



Today we begin a revolution! We shall take over the world, taking no prisoners and using useless people as our slaves. 
100 followers, 100 minions, 100 friends, 100 enemies, 100 soldiers, 100 gamers, 100 nerds, 100 allys, 100 people, 100 persons, 200 half people, 100 zergs, 100 faces, 200 hands, 200 ears, 200 eyes, 200 feet, 100 heads, 100 awesome people. 
With our power we shall take over the Queen, all the presidents in the world and destroy humanity to make them obey and suffer under our incredible power as we destroy ever single one with out midget elf soldiers attack them to give us their gold as they sit there defenseless crying for mercy. THIS IS THE DAY, THE DAY WE SHOW THE MAN WHO THE MAN REALLY IS. Who are we?! WE ARE NEKU'S 100 FOLLOWERS AND WE WILL TRIUMPH AND DESTROY ANY ANIMAL, HUMAN, THING, ALIEN, FURNITURE, APPLES WHO GET IN OUT WAY.  
As we quest our way to conquer all the people who have not chosen to join our army we will face many difficulties, lack of water, money, food, females and Video games. However after we have done the so called ''impossible'' everything will be ours, EVERYTHING.  
Who can stop us? The mods? But what if the mods are already following me? WHO WILL STOP US? JEFF?! RYAN?! BRAD??! VINNY?! THEY WILL SOON JOIN US!  
As I watch my friend evolve into soldiers, then into warriors, then into super gundam robot things. It puts a smile on my face. 
For glory, for power, for revolution... 
^__^ Sorry for that, in case you didn't understand I found out I have 100 followers. Is it a lot to other people? Not really, but to me I am honored that 100 people would follow me! :D 
Thanks to all 100 of you, and for anyone else who decides to in the future! ^__^


My opinion on reviews with spoilers.

Game reviews, what are the used for? many people use them for different things, but the most common one it to see whether the quality of a game is up to standards. 
So then, what point is a review if it spoils the story of the game or even movie that you are watching the review for. The fact that you are watching that review means that there would be a good amount of people watching to see if the movie/game is worth taking the time to watch/play.  
Let's take a game like Metal Gear Solid 4 for example, you are a hardcore fan and have been waiting to see what happens in the story. The game is so close you can smell it and by watching a review you attempt to satisfy some of that hunger. 
But wait, the review just spoiled the ending of the game for you. Yes, of course there is still the gameplay but it feels like there is a big part of the game already has been filled. 
So ultimately, what is the point of a review if it just spoils the ending for you? 
Thanks for reading, feel free to share your opinion! ^__^


It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday! me it is, for you Americans I think it's tomorrow (July 31st) but anyway... 
Well, I got this -  
and this -  
Yep, I am verrry happy! :D ^__^ 
Anway, thanks Giantbomb for keeping me entertained throughout the year! 
Now Giantbomb, WHAT DID YOU BUY ME?!?!?!? :D ^__^  


Is GiantBomb turning into Gamespot a bad way?

I have noticed recently that there have been a lot of trolls here on the forums lately which is something that I had hardly seen before. 
I just noticed that trolls/fanboys have been going into the Killzone 3 thread hating on the game which surprised me because it looked like this was gamespot behaviour. 
What do you think has happened? is it only a temporary thing? 
One thing I can say for sure, I really hope that this does not last long.


Why I am a PC gamer...

Hey guys, I thought I would do a blog on why I prefer to play games on PC over consoles. Please remember guys, I am not a fanboy of any system (Check my mini-bio) just why I like PC gaming better - 
1. Mods - I cannot count how many hours I have played extra of a game because of mods, they add so much to a game (especially to ones like GTAIV, CounterStrike: Source) 
2. Online - The online is amazing, it is free and I do not have to listen to 12 year old kids insulting me every 2 seconds. Also this is a small thing but PC doesn't have a dedicated online service (PSN, Xbox LIve) so for example, when they shut down Xbox Live no games were playable however PC games can live forever. 
3. Controls - The mouse and keyboard are much more accurate and it is an advantage to have so many keys, since controllers have a certain amount of buttons the controls are sometimes cramped but with PC there is a whole keyboard to work with. 
4. Exclusives - The PC has some killer exclusives on its hand, STALKER, Dawn of War 2, Crysis, The Sims 3 (A personal choice), World of Warcraft (Flameshield?), Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and many more. 
5. Indie Games - PC is easily the best system for indie games, they are great and only cost a few bucks and gives amateurs a chance to shine.  
So, do you agree/disagree with me? post and tell me why! I am glad to have a discussion with anyone of you as long as you aren't a fanboy who thinks I am a retard... 
And guys, I own all consoles so I am not a fanboy >__<