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Before The Walking Dead Season 1 came out, Telltale were all about classic point and click adventure games (Sam & Max, Strong bad, Monkey Island etc) but since the smash hit that was The Walking Dead they seem to be sticking to making games like it, heavily story focused, a lot of player decisions and not many traditional puzzles.

Now don't get me wrong, I love The Walking Dead, it's one of my favourite games this generation and while I haven't played The Wolf Among Us, it looks amazing as well.

The thing is, who will fill their shoes? Yes we have the double fine adventure game, but after that who will be the company to keep classic point and clicks going? Will Telltale ever go back to how they made games before?

I'm interested in your thoughts.

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Fuck Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth is where it's at.

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Just played this to prepare for season 2, here were my choices -

Shot Justin's foot off - Ok, I didn't know that shooting the chain meant killing the poor guy, please it really hit me hard when he said he had a family. I tried going back, but I was stuck shooting Justin. On the other hand though, I though Danny was a nicer guy, actually wanting to do something when the other prisoner was getting killed and standing up to the crazy police officer... He seemed to have more morals (judging off what I saw off him, not the despicable stuff he did before prison) so I'm still glad I picked to shoot Justin's foot off.

Stayed in the car - I offered to go outside because I'd feel guilty otherwise, but Eddie convinced me to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and I ended up winning. I wish there was a way to go back for Eddie, but there wasn't.

Killed Stephanie - Though I'm usually always opposed of killing people in games like this (I let the man who stole the goods at the start of this episode live) I thought that killing her would be the best option. Driving away from a secure place that had a lot of recourses seemed stupid, especially with Becca to take care of. Also, Stephanie knew that by stealing everything she would be potentially killing Shel, Becca and everyone else, she was such a great friend, right?

Left Nate - Even though I loved Nate, thought he was the best character and really enjoyed the relationship him and Russell had, I left him behind. Though, it was a unintentional, just because I said "Are you fucking serious" it meant that Russell left... Huh? I was really hoping for a way to convince Nate to just leave them, but it wasn't an option, so I just had to leave him instead.

Told Leland the truth - Why lie to him? Bonnie didn't do anything wrong, it was dark and she didn't know it was Dee. Not to mention that I failed the QTE resulting in Dee killing me and getting a game over screen, so she would've done the same! Leland still came with me though, even though I told him the truth.

In the end only Bonnie and Wyatt went with Tavia which was disappointing, actually, the whole epilogue was a but disappointing due to the fact that Danny and Leland weren't there, it kind of made the choices feel useless.

Overall though I really enjoyed the DLC and I hope we get to see a lot more if these characters.

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Man, I got all excited because I thought you were talking about Tommy Wiseau's "The Room"...

This is still good news since I enjoyed the first game, but you've still let me down.

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Vertical because of the lack of space on my desk...

What the hell am I going to do when I get an Xbox One? Stupid Microsoft and their anti-vertical agenda.

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Mission completed Mr. Rorie!

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Hey guys, I have a PS4 on pre-order for Christmas but I've been thinking of swapping it to an Xbox One due to the fact that it just simply has more games I want to play at launch (which include Ryse, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3) the thing is that after watching the quick looks I saw that full priced games were offering micro-transactions, and that leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

To those of you who own an Xbox One, how bad is that aspect of the console? Does it ever annoy you?

I also own a gaming PC, anyone think that like last gen quite a few of the consoles exclusives will be on PC?


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@lackingsaint: @bones8677: @quid_pro_bono: @stonyman65: Thanks for all the advice. I'll try to play something a bit more unique than Spelunky next time, I guess I should still do the let's play of it though since that's what I promised, but I'll make my next one more original.

And I'm sorry to anyone who thinks I'm trying to promote myself, definetly didn't want it to come off that way. Feel free to totally ignore my video/channel, general advice on Let's Plays are equally as helpful!