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I really liked, but halfway the movie realized Ryan never got to see it and made me kind of sad.

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I ... what?........I......

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Alpha protocol 2: The omega directive or Planescape 2

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@Vrikk said:

I need just the pad because I bought a console on eBay. Didn't come with the pad. It was cheaper, and the only place I could find the system without being price gouged.

Did I just screw myself?

Most likely you bought a regular wii instead of a wiiU as I dont see why anyone would sell a wiiU without the gamepad as it would be of no use for them (I guess they might somehow broke them or something but still sounds weird)

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Excellent news!

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Do we know for certain there is going to be a podcast this week? I really hope so but ...

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Because it still an alpha. how much coverage do you really expect of a game so early in development? with no even a target window for release. the developers admit they have no idea when the game will done. other than a note saying it exist there is nothing else to say.

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Not sure about cheesy but I really like deadman's gun from red dead redemption (in fact I like most of the soundtrack)

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I enjoyed it a lot, I like the fact that they went the extra mile and made a Buckner and Garcia song for Fix-it Felix Jr.

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I wonder what this mean for chances of a blue ray non special edition of the original trilogy. Disney likes to milk their franchises of as much dvd money as they can and they know a good number of people would like this.