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I think Jeff Green said it best on GFW Radio a few years ago. Just paraphrasing here, but it went something like this: Everyone who didn't grow up playing video games need to die off before this finger pointing stops -- once they're all dead, this won't be an issue anymore.

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As a fan of PC on my t.v., I'm definitely looking forward to this.

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It's a good time to be in the games business!

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Ideally, both. But if one area can be improved, it's always gonna be game play for me. If I need story, I can read a book or watch a movie.

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Classic baseball game. Played this for countless hours.

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There's a terrible looking Double Dragon II HD remake in the works, too. Wish we could just get the arcade port of "Revenge." Nothing fancy. Just some slow downed spin kicks, a strange combat control scheme, and Abobo, and we're good to go.

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In retrospect, Jeff getting fired in 2007 was the best thing that ever happened to Jeff and us fans because the direct result was Giant Bomb. If this partnership makes Giant Bomb even stronger, who cares if they're getting in bed with CBS (Gamespot). In fact, it's pretty sweet that Jeff stayed classy through the controversy, started fresh with Giant Bomb, turned it into a huge gaming hit of a site along with the awesome crew, and now they are returning to their roots bigger and badder than ever. It's pretty friggin' cool to see it come full circle like this.

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There's a picture of pancakes, so I'll just assume it's good news!

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Sorry to be the snarky asshole, but it's "affected," not "effected."

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There be many, but here are 10...

God of War 3

Metal Gear Solid 4

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet 2


Killzone 2

Killzone 3


Uncharted 2

Uncharted 3

Insomniac Bonus Round: Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Resistance: Fall of Man