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And yet another reason why the video game industry will never be taken seriously. They have got the put their shit back together and soon.

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I am so glad this is going so well. I've waited sooo long for a RPG like this. Finally!

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etc etc

Games are not movies

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One western game series I know the Japanese love is Wizardry. It's an old dungeon crawler RPG and it's so popular there that there have been many fan creation and remakes and even release that were only for hte Japanese audience, and are still being made just for them.

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Black Isle, Looking Glass Studios and Clover.

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Doom is one of the greatest FPS ever made and it still is. Seriously. Play it now.

Unreal is really, really good. Did you like the first Half-Life? This is actually just as good. Not kidding.

I'd go for those two first. If you want to play Quake 3, just go for Quake Live, it's basically the same, and since it's multiplayer, you really only need to play a few matches to see if you like it and if you do, keep playing, if you don't well just stop.

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Noob heroes? Lich, Viper, Night Stalker, Tidehunter, Huskar, Dragon Knight, Riki, Lion, Queen of Pain.

Aside from Riki I wouldn't call any of them "noob heroes".

As a DoTA player for six years now, I agree.

Agree with whom? Skeleton? And you have been playing DotA for 6 years? rofl

What's so "rofl" about playing DotA for six years? People still play games like Counter-Strike, Quake (the first one!), Ultima Online and so on, I don't see what's so funny about it. DotA has a lot to offer and it takes a very, very long time to master, and it constantly changes with new heroes and content.

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Nice. I would like a try at Fallout: New Vegas, good sir.

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@Cirdain said:


What? Are you talking to me?

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There is a "quick takedown", when you go to 8x combo (5x with an upgrade get this asap) you can do it with Y+B or even better use A+B if some thugs are dazed on the floor as that move will knock all of them out instantly. Just keep hitting them and countering the thugs attacks, use evade and your combo should rise quickly allowing you to use these special takedowns more often. When you learn these the fights become so much quicker. I've read about people who just fights using normal striking and countering, and if you just do that then yes, I can imagine the game feels boring and the fights repetitive.

EDIT: Woops, I didn't notice this thread was over one month old. Sorry about that.

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