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Much, much better.

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People thought that Bad Company 2 was going to be multiplayer game of the year. Well, it looks like the trailer alone destroys it.

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It is one day and people are already making this decision? Makes you wonder if people already made up their minds before the game came out... oh, wait, they did.
I can't wait until the reports of hacking and glitching. It is going to be fun seeing Battlefield fanboys crying like always.

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I feel bad for saying this, but it could turn out to be good. Their contract apparently ends on October of this year which means they could get the whole studio back and hopefully go back to being independent. It would give them in incentive to make their games even better. Maybe they could even be contracted by EA?
Either way, I wish everyone at IW the best... except for Failzerotwo. They really need to get a community manager that actually communicates with the community.

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So you are telling me I should miss out on Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and Call of Duty because of a stuck-up, pretentious gamer thinks that I shouldn't? I'm going to buy quality games. I remember when EA was the big, bad wolf and people didn't seem to mind, continually buying their games because of one thing: quality.
Obviously it doesn't apply to all games.

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Gotta love all the Battlefield fanboys spinning this. What? Your game can't stand up on its own merits?
Two of the heads of one of Activision's strongest franchises just got fired, and all you can think about is how it is a publicity stunt to get attention away from Bad Company 2? In case you idiots didn't know, MW2 was already released.

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I love how people are making light of others losing their jobs. This is pretty much bullshit.
But in some weird way, I'm happy. Maybe they will break off (again) and start a new, better company. It is obvious that Activision's is influencing them in a negative way. 
COD was the only franchise that I have bought from Acitivion, If they decide to fire the team that was a main part of why Activision is swimming in money, then there will be massive boycotts. It won't be too effective, since casuals don't know the difference between a good COD game (IW) and a bad one.

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Thanks for a great thread, Battlefield fanboys! This is a perfect example of why gamers are idiots. When did 8.9 become a bad score?

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He gave the last battlefield bad company a five, but that was mostly for the single-player. Apparently the single player was trying to be COD (like everything else in the game) and failed. People are buying battlfield for battlefield, not because they want a COD clone with vehicles.
I hope he gives it a four, just to see the reaction on the forum.

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Just use the CD key they send you on steam.