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Game sucks and is over-rated. 3

Only good thing is that it has 256 players supported. But that is just a gimmick. No one on the PSN is even using a headset so most of the time you see idiots running around like head-less chicken. Not only that, but the game also has some bad lag. Unless you are a Sony fanboy to the extreme, don't pick this garbage up. This game will hardly last a month.   Just wait for Bad Company 2, which is vastly superior. Bad Company 2 beta> Full game of MAG....

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Doesn't revolutionize the genre but perfects it. 0

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 does not do anything revolutionary, or that much different than other first person shooters, but it has instead perfects the formula. In single player you play as both an SAS operative Soap MacTavish, U.S. Marine Paul Jackson, and Lieutenant Price. The plot is delivered well through mission briefings, and a first person perspective. This with the plot twists make for a very enjoyable experience. The game’s missions aren’t only shooting your way to your objective. T...

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