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I like the character design

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I don't think "esports" is the issue but again just like other sports paying amateurs to be on a team for the school and expecting to do anything with it like "go pro" is crazy. This is stuff schools really shouldn't get into at all.

Just for my own clarification, what is the harm in schools giving sports/esports scholarships? Yes 98% of college athletes will not "go pro", they just simply move on in life with the education they received while in school. The argument of calling it e-sports or whatever aside, I see this as a step in the direction of having competitive gaming going mainstream, which in my opinion is a good thing.

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I gave up on chapter 5. The randomness of the map was just too frustrating. The game worked for me up to that point. They did a good job of letting you know the status of the situation in all the scenarios before so you could make the best possible decision, but with chapter 5, there was no way of knowing if you were doing it correctly as it seem each next encounter was totally random, one which leads to an instant fail. I had no idea if I was improving in my decision making for that chapter.

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In case it wasn't clear before: I believe there is a conflict of interests when any school is using their resources to offer a scholarship that isn't going towards a degree. I also have a lot of reservations setting up leagues proactively supported by schools.

If Riot wants to give out scholarships then that is their prerogative. Schools should not be in the practice of enticing students to do anything but work towards their degree with school funds.

So every school that offers a football or basketball or any other sport scholarship is offering money that isn't going towards a degree.

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The NCAA is the big organization that oversees all college sports in the US. They, along with colleges, have broken up schools by region and size. So in college football, for example, a big university most often play other big universities located in the same general area of the country.

For all sports there's some end game, such as tournaments and championship games, that teams compete to enter during their regular season. Schools make money off sports through ticket sales during these games, merchandise sales, donations, and if they enter the 'end game' games they get a big pool of money that they split up among the other schools in their region (and even more money if they win that game).

E-sports as of now, at the collegiate level, doesn't have anything like that.

You can argue that Riot is the overseeing organization for League of Legends. They broke up the entire world into regions, each have their own league and compete in a season through out the year, which leads up to the worlds, where the top 3 teams from each region compete for the world title. So yeah the structure is all there. Now about schools making money from ticket sales and prize money I am not sure about that.

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The money is coming from these scholarship recipients and the rest of the students of RMU. The scholarship covers half their tuition, the school is still making its profits, just at a lower rate from these guys.

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I wonder where the money is coming from. Also schools usually give scholarships because of what those students can offer the school (either recognition, research, prestige through academic scholarships or money, prestige with athletic scholarships). There's no system set up, like the NCAA, to allow for a revenue flow. So I suppose recognition and prestige? Maybe they think that the cost to pay for these scholarships, wherever the money is from, is a small hit to take if it leads to an increase in new freshmen and grants/donations from new sources.

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Hey they owned up to a mistake and turned it all around, good for them

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I have had this issue for the past 2 weeks, tried all sorts of settings from streaming, low to progressive and every combination in between still getting stops like every minute that lasts like 20 secs. The youtube version of all the available videos work fine. Of course being a premium member, we cannot get the premium content on youtube which makes this video issue a big problem

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As any tried to setup a game with random settings?  I keep receiving games where its small continents with one vs one nations.