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#1 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

It hasn't even been 6 months yet.
This is just too stupid. This could've easily been DLC. But no, they're gonna charge you 40 bucks for it. This is absolutely appalling.

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I'm done with Capcom. The way they dangled this stick in front of the fans (myself included) who've been wanting this game for over TEN YEARS and then take it away overnight is just ridiculous.  What makes it worse, they promised that the Prototype Version would be the definitive thing to see if it was "profitable" enough to green lit the project.
I guess these guys would just rather go on with their Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter milking and western-developed shooters like Operation Raccoon City. I've never been more disappointed with Capcom - and that's coming from a huge Devil May Cry fan also.

#3 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -
@Abyssfull said:
" @NemesisTheory said:
" If postage allows it, I'll be playing Deadly Premonition this weekend!   So, a hopeful yes! xD "
I just got my copy mate! I hope you get/had yours as well, soon! <3
#4 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

If postage allows it, I'll be playing Deadly Premonition this weekend!
So, a hopeful yes! xD

#5 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

I'm with you there, OP. The sense of scale is immense. This is easily my favorite game I've played this year, and I'm really happy to hear they're (allegedly) already working on a sequel!

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Symphony of the Night is one of the best post NES/classic Castlevanias. I still prefer the old ones due to the insane difficulty (read: challenge) they offer and the crazy good 8bit music.
If you have the means, go play the first one for kicks. It's still really awesome to this day. If not, you can't go wrong with Symphony of the Night (or any of the DS Castlevanias, they're pretty similar in how they play) or Super Castlevania IV for the SNES.

#7 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

I was surprised with how the combat felt... I heard a lot of remarks from friends that it was "just another God of War-type game" but it really didn't feel like it.
 It had a lot more finesse and tactical 'depth' to it... Not as mashy, anyway. I can't wait to unlock Paladin difficulty ASAP and get my rear-end handed to me just like old times (NES!). <3
Graphically... I don't know, I'm still picking up the pieces from my face when I first looked at the light effects.

#8 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

 Day 1 purchase from a long-time Castlevania fan, for the 360!

#9 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

As a long time fan, I am horribly disappointed. 
"Limbo City" looks like a Gotham City wannabe. The enemies look like they're straight out of Silent Hill. Dante's attitude is completely gone (as are his muscles and masculinity), his sword.. is that even a sword? And what happened to the music? Why is Dante looking like an emo Twilight reject? Is he gonna start sparkling in the game?  

Ah, hell.. I'm gonna go cry in a corner.

#10 Posted by NemesisTheory (34 posts) -

I can't believe it's finally (probably) coming out next year. I've seen some of the videos and previews/impressions from the PAX demo, and I'm pretty happy about what I've seen so far.
Always bet on Duke! <3

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