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Ryan was awesome. I'll miss his contributions to the site.

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Is there a way to change which car the Car Valet guy brings when you unlock that face level? He's only bringing me that motorcycle you start off with.

Do I just need to wait to do some story/girlfriend missions to unlock more karaoke songs? I've only unlocked the first four, but I scored well on all of them. I'm at least halfway through the game, but K-Bar and Bam Bam both only have he first four songs still. Or do I need to do something else?

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Does it just have to do with speed/racing?

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Hm, seems pretty clear it's not during Robert's Rebellion then. That would've been really cool.

I'll still probably check it out though.

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Can't seem to find this anywhere.

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Sent Will an email.

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Mass Effect 1 was very obviously influenced by games like Star Control 2 and Starflight, unfortunately a lot of that influenced has kinda waned in the sequels.

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I aparently can't remember my password (yeah I'm an idiot, etc) and the new site has no reminder/reset option.

Not sure why it's ignoring the existing wm cookie.

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I hadn't though about that, but it's not really as similar as the wiki entry makes it sound. The Syreen Habitat Fleet doesn't make an appearance in any Star Control game and isn't mentioned in Star Control 3 at all, as they've since relocated to Gaia (between SC1 and 2) and have presumably colonized many other worlds. It's not even something someone playing the games would know about without delving deep into SC lore, whereas the Quarians' situation is central to every appearance they make in the Mass Effect series.

Additionally the post-apoclyptic planetary exodus is another scifi meme that predates Star Control and Mass Effect.

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Oh ok. How do you think they determine whether it's across all sectors or just in one?