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Soldier of Fortune 2

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2 billion is like, a lot of millions. Notch gotta make dat paper.

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Most Patrick solo content, 90% of his interviews

Scoops and the Wolf

Powerbombcast only occasionally, F1 same

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Man, the PG hate in here is sad. Bayonetta is the best character action game ever made. Buying a WiiU for the sequel and W101.

@ilikeost said:

I'll never be able to take games like Bayonetta seriously with that kind of character design. I bet the game is good but I just think it's extremely immature.

I bet you are the kind of duder who loves Tomb Raider 2013 for its characters.

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Dark Souls is better but 2 is still a great game. Busted PVP, lots of extremely easy bosses and some weirdly disconnected world design bring 2 down. Dark Souls has the higher highs and lower lows.

Dark Souls > Dark Souls 2 > Demon's Souls

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Game is fucking great, buy it!

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Raw is shit. Never use them.

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Cool talk, bro.

Although pretty much 95% of the questions asked have been covered by Jeff in the Jar Time series.

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Wound up using the heide knight sword for the beginning portions of the game until I got the greatsword. Stuck with it for almost the entire first playthrough, then switched builds to dex/faith and now have been using the Chaos Blade. Looks good, best damage katana under 48 dex, good moveset, good reach. The damage you take from it is way more than in Dark Souls but its not serious, plus it adds a new element to manage.

Fashion Souls, Best Souls.