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Hey sign me up. I'm NeoCalypso ingame as well.

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I tell ya h-wat, if somehow he is not the new hire then it will be one hell of a coincidence that he somehow gets a new job that requires him to move to San Francisco a mere three days after GB secures a new senior editor.

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I'm not sure how well this works if you've already angered the dragon, but this video shows off a pretty foolproof strategy assuming you've got a bit of patience. TLDW: poke his toes.

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So yeah I saw this post a couple hours ago and thought, oh hey that's a bummer but I usually have pretty good luck with pc game. But holy crap this game freezes a lot. I seriously don't think I can go 20 minutes without having to completely restart the game.

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If you guys want tip on how to beat the bosses more easily go to twitch and watch the people doing all boss speedruns in like 2 hours. Lots of good positioning and efficiency tricks. I couldn't even beat the havel black phantom in the third abyss dungeon but after watching a speedrunner and seeing how borderline broken power stance dual mace is I immediately cleared all three of those places like that.

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@lordandrew: Yeah it's funny, the only people really scared of the ghost are the people who don't really understand it. It's only dangerous if you panic and let it be dangerous, otherwise it's kind of a non-issue

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@arbitrarywater: @sackmanjones: This definitely works, but keep in mind that if you move onto NG+ you'll be forced to deal with the increased mobs yourself too. The Bonfire Ascetic effect doesn't go away when you beat the game it just gets added on. So if you use two ascetics and then go to NG+ the enemies there will be NG+++ difficulty.

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Just a heads up, the clans only support 150 members so this first clan on the NA side has totally filled up. There were still like 20+ people who were queued to join before it got full so you guys may wanna just make another one. I imagine that one will fill up pretty quick as well.

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I figured what with the Breaking Brad going on that people might be interested to know Demon's Souls is on sale on PSN for 11 bucks. I'm honestly not sure if this applies to people outside the US though.

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Ok, for some odd reason EA/Respawn sent me yet another PC key so have at it duders. Again remove the [GIANTBOMB].


@russman588: I got this key like 5 hours before I'm posting this so yeah it seems like they are still sending out keys.