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It's pretty god damned annoying that nobody seems to be able to convey what actually makes these stupid raids so hard. They are always so pointlessly vague about it when it's just a shooter so It can't really be all that complicated.

Also I think Bungie is in for a rude awakening when they realize that games focused on hardcore raiding like this seems to be, fail hard in this day and age. Look at what happened to wildstar. Massive focus on the raiding aspect of the game and it's turned into a huge failure when they realized that the majority of the people playing their game aren't into that. Now they are trying to rush out a bunch of solo content to keep player numbers from dropping too much. Like how many full six person groups of friends does Bungie think are gonna sit around and grind to play their 10 hour long raid content for months on end?

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I Cant help but notice that everyone is linking to Gameinformer for this story. Yet GI themselves seem to have deleted the story off their site. Was this mistakenly posted or what?

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I hope for S2's sake they are making a game that is sustainable with a lower player base because I have a hard time seeing anyone who wants a lower skill cap game not just going with Blizzard and HotS, and there is no way in hell it's gonna compete with League and Dota.

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@spraynardtatum: oh geeze of course, yeah what the heck was I thinking. I can't believe I argued against more GB livestreams.

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@spraynardtatum: There is no need to do that because the chances of that happening are 100%. Those servers are going to fall.

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@corruptedevil: Yeah it was pretty clear again that Alex actually practiced at least a bit, because he didn't even come close to losing.

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Am I the only one who thinks they should have gone with "Saints go to Hell"?

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It would be kinda cool if they watched a vod or something of the microsoft thing after the Sony one. Them doing commentary on these conferences is one of my favorite things after that initial PS4 reveal.

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Hopefully it'll actually be something other than a pretty face this time. Remember Me had an amazing design and setting. But it played fucking terrible. It was the poor man's Arkham Asylum from people who didn't quite seem to understand what made the combat in those games so satisfying.

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Going into that alpha I was sorta unsure how they were gonna ship in 3 months with how rough things were. But a 7 month delay seems kinda crazy.