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Weird, Alien:Isolation unlocked a day early as well. Wonder what's up with that. Are they just getting to whatever timezone hits 12:00 am first and then just going "aw the hell with it" and unlocking everywhere?

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I almost feel like we'll be seeing another one of these threads in a couple weeks again for Bayonetta.

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I actually looked this up myself the moment he talked about it and unless they backed it up somewhere else I'm fairly sure that the 11 hour stream was lost to twitch's mass deletion of past broadcasts.

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Honestly after you make it out of the medical bay section the stress turns more into annoyance with the alien so it should be much easier to handle from then on.

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@pocky4th3win: I promise you, you will eat your words eventually. Yes 2 captains and a few guys is easy but try 3 or 4 elite captains with single nearly pointless weaknesses and a good 25 to 30 lesser Uruks. Not to mention eventually you'll come up against captains that you literally cannot counter. I agree that the combat is pretty versatile in allowing you to avoid damage but calling it very easy is a bit of a stretch.

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My PC is pretty mediocre at this point but it's still way better than my 360/PS3 so PC it is. Besides, no way I'm waiting till November for those last gen versions.

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They've done this several times before as well. It's the last day of Playstation Home and they are gonna be there just like with StarWars Galaxy, and The Matrix Online. Also this tweet sorta explains it.

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So this seems like a good time to ask. Obviously this is spam and it should be reported. Is that what the "Flag" button is for? It's what I've been using but I never thought to see if that what it does.

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@glottery: Yeah but Lost and Damned didn't sell very well relative to how good the main game itself sold(and Ballad did even worse) and Take-Two basically blamed it on them taking so long to get the stupid things out. By the time they were released nobody really cared anymore and it wasn't even a year befor L&D came out. It's now been a year since five and the general attitude on that game has gone south quite a bit thanks to the whole multiplayer situation.