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Not quite sure how the theory started but there seems to be a strong contingent of people who believe Hatred is actually FF2 which would be an amazing turn of events.

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@beachthunder: Oh yeah I forgot that's another part that I totally lucked out on, I actually got the variation of the Carrion queen that doesn't drop poop and instead drops those little hearts so my battlefield was totally clear to run around.

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You've done the rush with lost? :o

Yeah I had an absurdly lucky run where floor 1 was Polyphemus and then The Mark and Death's Tough in the devil room then floor 2 was Cricket's body and The Pact and Whore of Babylon in the devil room. Then to top it off in the very last treasure room before mom I got inner eye. I didn't get any defensive items the whole way so I only made it to the rush with like 18 seconds left but I was doing so much damage that it was pretty easy in the rush once I stopped having to go as quickly as possible.

I still think the rush is easier than pretty much anything else in the game specifically related to bosses because of how much space they give you and that's only made easier with flying. The only dangerous thing for The lost is the Gish/Monstro combo and Death with his scythe attack.

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The rarity of some stuff in the game is getting pretty annoying. Unlock wise I'm down to beating the Dark Room with The Lost( actually already had a run that quite easily made it to sheol and probably would have gone further but I accidentally picked up the polaroid the moment it spawned so that was the end of that run) and that's it. Yet I've never seen half the items exclusive to the secret room pool and I've never gotten close to a bandage girl or meatboy.

I know there are methods to obtain the cubes and balls via monster manual but I'd really rather not have to resort to that stuff just because the rng is stupid.

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Nope I'm beyond done. Outside of the complete fucking fluke that was Black Flag there hasn't been a good AC game since Brotherhood.

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I really don't understand why I watched that. On another note though between this and the picture he posted with Vinny it looks like Dan's beard is getting pretty crazy.

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The more I play the game and beat the endgame bosses the more I wish this game had an endless mode that wasn't reliant on the Basement seed code. I just had a run where I got a blank card, habit, jera rune, and the relic. So every four rooms I'd drop a soul heart which I would then copy with jera and go do other rooms building up charges(and then returning to dupe the hearts) so eventually by the time I was ready to fight the boss there was a room on the floor with like 15+ soul hearts.

I'd just really like to see how long I could keep a run like that going. Maybe keep the natural health scaling that happens after each floor. But just some way to get an infinite run going outside that seed.

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Nope, no way it manages to beat out WWE Supercard.

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Like Jeff and Brad mentioned in the QL. It's seriously just more FC3, but...that's still pretty ok. It's still got lots of new content and it looks and runs great. There's also lots of really neat quality of life improvements they made over the last game like the fact that animal skins you can no longer craft anything with get sold off when you do quick sell. Or how you are always carrying that car fixing tool now and it doesn't take up a weapon slot anymore. Plus don't even get me started on the wingsuit from almost the very beginning of the game.

My only real gripe is the shangri-la levels are kinda terrible. But I watched that trailer they put out a couple months ago and could pretty much tell from that, that they didn't look very fun so it's not like I went in with any expectations or anything.

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@beachthunder:you don't get anything for beating the final boss...

Define "anything", because literally every character has an item unlock for beating every major boss and the boss rush.