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Healing all the way, detox horn is way too good(and fast) not to use. I can't even count the amount of times I've been almost instantly healed of poison without having to do anything. More importantly it along with healing horn is the only thing that is gonna save your life on a hunt. Though recently I've subbed in the last two healers for defense to get armor horn since the true healing horn doesn't seem that great.

The rest of them don't have skills good enough for me to want to switch out 3 healers just to get them.

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This is only very slightly related, but Dan mentioned a some months ago a video about something he did to John Drake(something about making his life hell) and I've not been able to find it. Anyone know what he was talking about?

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How is this even a discussion? It's the Doom 2 super shotgun end of story. Just listen to the sound it makes and that's all you need to experience.

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@lanechanger: So yeah this is stuff I'm a little hazy on but I think when it comes to elemental stuff it's completely different depending on the monster. For example Zamtrios does not take any ice or water elemental damage. Basarios on the other hand has fire element affinity and does take fire damage but only 10% of it. While Rathalos shares the fire affinity and ignores fire damage on every part of it's body except it's back where it takes 10% of the fire damage done. So you really have to just look up how it works for each individual monster but your method of just going for straight raw damage is generally thought of as the way to go. You almost always want to prioritize raw over elemental. You can check out this link to read up a bit on how the damage formula works but basically elemental damage listed on your weapon is calculated and then divided by 10 when everything is said and done.

In the player's case obviously as indicated by the status screen

your resistances are totally armor(and food buff) based. You get 1% damage reduction for every point of elemental resistance and take 1% more damage for every negative point. Absorption is definitely not possible. Again my knowledge is a little hazy here so corrections are welcome.

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@lanechanger: Ooooh yeah, they absolutely hurt you. Infact that's actually an intentional strat some of the best players use. They start a mission and immediately bomb themselves to next to no health to take advantage of the armor skill "Potential" which raises your damage/defense a bunch when below 40% health. It allows for extremely quick kills/captures. As an alternative though you can throw stones or throwing knives at the barrel to blow them up. Or you can set a small barrel bomb which is on a short timer.

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@rabid_chinchilla2195: Actually the cool thing about lances is (unless they changed it for 4U) they capable of doing either cutting or impact damage depending on which part of the monster they hit. If the part you hit takes more damage from impact then it'll do that damage as impact and vice versa. The Rathalos for example you would do cutting damage to his tail, but impact damage to the back or belly.

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Honestly it sounds like you don't need a wiki as much as you need a guide. Alternatively you can probably just ask questions here and people probably wouldn't mind answering them.

For example... 1. The dung bomb when thrown at large boss monsters will make them flee that area. Useful for quests where there happens to be two monsters and you only want to fight one at a time.

2. The Torch I'm fairly sure is just a holdover from MH:Tri where the game had legitimately dark caves and you couldn't see much without em. Side effects however are that small non-boss enemies will avoid attacking you while it's out and those annoying huge bug(Bnahabra) enemies will immediately swarm to you once you pull one out.

3. Status meats(Poisoned/Tinged/Drugged) cause immediate status effect on monsters that happen to eat them. However most monsters won't eat them unless the meat is on the ground when they finally run out of stamina and get hungry.

As for the armor skills thing. The most useful thing you can get is this program called "Athena's Armor Set Search" that has will allow you to plug in the skills you want and it will generate a list of armor pieces that will allow you to obtain those skills. It's a very well known and reputable program in the MH community btw if you're worried about that sort of thing.

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There is a real lack of extensive information regarding the questions asked here and I think that's absurd. I know that from personal experience sometimes when I close my fridge the light turns off. But there are times when the fridge door isn't quite shut all the way and the light stays on which is pretty annoying. Well there you go, finally both sides of the story have been told and you can now make your decision regarding Monster Hunter.

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Lance for life. I was huge on the lance before but now being able to jump (somewhat)whenever I want and easily get those mount attacks off without relying on ledges is awesome. I love the new moves they added.

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@crocbox: Have you tried the circle pad before? I would agree with you that before I got one I was playing MH3U totally fine. Using the touchscreen for camera is a little annoying but it works fine. But I don't think I could go back having now play 40 or so hours with the pad, it's much much better. Though to be fair one of the biggest advantages was in underwater combat and 4U doesn't have any of that.