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@turambar:Also agreed.

@71ranchero: Agreed. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen about games.

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Stupidity everywhere, and then Vivian James. Oh and Vinny's new kid. Gotta take victories somewhere.


There was also a lot of nastiness at the Game Jam this year, which has a lot of interesting tidbits and was basically ruined. And the whole fiasco with The Fine Young Capitalists, who are still struggling to get past pretty baseless accusations towards them.

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Mods are awesome. The best mods have almost always been free.

PewDiePie bothers me because his content isn't really that good, but he made $4mil on the backs of other people's work, who aren't going to make a 10th of that in a year.

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Arin's credibility went down the drain when he actually started playing games in large capacities and showed that he was incapable of doing in the most insignificant of tasks, due to having the patience of a 4 year old that ate 47 Snickers Bars.

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They burned indies last gen, and people are not quick to forget.

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"Your tax dollars at work."

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No P1? Oh well. I strongly recommend that people play the P2 duology. Even though the gameplay is dated, I feel that the story and characters in it are the strongest in the series. It is a bittersweet and touching tale to be told.

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Auto-scrollers are on the same level as water stages in terms of irritation.

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Sick. My post was fucked up when I submitted it....Thanks GB!